10 Really Good (and Legit) Reasons to Convince your Friends to Start CrossFit

10 Really Good (and Legit) Reasons to Convince your Friends to Start CrossFit

  May 11, 2018


What did you do last night? I was at CrossFit. What are your plans for the weekend? I am going to CrossFit! So, last minute dinner party, are you in? No, sorry I am going to CrossFit (and everyone will be mad at me if I cancel last minute).

Instead of rejecting every aspect of your social life because of this place you are going to almost everyday and which creeps your friends out, why not bring them along with you?

Sounds easy enough until they ask millions of questions about CrossFit. They already don’t like the idea by the way you keep referring to it every 5 minutes so let’s break it down and ease them in nicely. Shall we?


-CrossFit will give you the opportunity to get excited to workout everyday.
The programme changes daily and is never the same one week after the other.


-You won’t even have to think about drastic diets and ‘forbidden foods’. When you workout with passion you naturally go toward healthy whole foods. Eating vegetables and meat becomes second nature. Plus you get a cheat meal every week!


-You get to see me more often
(I will let you elaborate this one)


-There are no other workouts which will make you feel as satisfied as a CrossFit wod. You get to work on your mindset and push yourself. Don’t you want a challenge?


-The CrossFit community is terrific. You get to be cheered on every time and do the same for others. Over the past months I have got to know some really great personalities from all sorts of background.


-You are not on your own, the coach is really present during the class. It’s almost like having a PT. You can ask any kind of question.


-It’s a positive environment. No one is judging or staring at you. It’s not about physical appearance but rather performance. No you don’t need the latest shoe or legging to be cool at CrossFit. If you sign up, you are already cool.


-You were complaining about not sleeping well these past few months and being low on energy. You should come to a CrossFit class and get rid of your stress there. After a week I promise, you should be sleeping like a baby.


-Don’t you want to live and function until you are 120 years old?


-When you do CrossFit you get to expand your knowledge on nutrition, sleep, recovery, physiology, mindset, flexibility etc.. It’s so interesting.


-You can adjust the workout to your level. You don’t have to be a professional or an ex-athlete. I know Crossfitters on Instagram are impressive but these are pros. It’s as if you looked at Federer playing tennis when you wanted to take your first lesson!


-Girl of course, you won’t put on loads of muscles! But you will get fit and toned AF I guarantee.


-Guys, if you want to get ready for SUMMER 2018 it’s now or never.


Tamara Akcay


Photo Credit: Lucinda Vaughan-Steel

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