How does your CrossFit gym work? 


How does your CrossFit gym work? 

  August 18, 2017


Global gyms and private studios operate similarly. Members anonymously take classes or workout in the free weights area, take a shower and leave the premises. The staff is usually very friendly, catering to the customer’s every need. The equipment is at the disposal of all members, who most of the time will have to programme a workout for themselves or join a class if they wish to be guided in their fitness routine.

A CrossFit gym is a particular space where each member plays an essential role in the good progress of the class. If we are new to CrossFit or thinking about joining, here are some shortcuts on how to acclimate faster to a CrossFit environment.


Grasp the structure of a class 

The class starts, everyone regroups in front of the two screens where the workout of the day appears. The coach and sometimes an assistant coach go through what everyone will be doing that day. The content varies everyday but the structure remains the same. A warm-up, a strength component which usually consists of a lift, technical explanations of the movements approached and finally a description of the metcon, or conditioning piece with the different variances of weights and skills depending on the level chosen by each athlete.

At the end of the hour, the athletes put away the pieces of equipment they used during the entire session and write down their scores either directly on the computer or on their phones. They then take a few minutes to stretch or roll in the self-training area where they have the opportunity to engage with the other athletes .

Know the location of each piece of equipment   

It is important to locate visually where each piece of equipment is. During a class, each athlete is responsible to fetch the accessory he or she will have to work with during the workout.

There is no need to ask for permission or to hesitate to grab a kettle bell or a dumbbell. These are set on apparent shelves to facilitate their access at anytime.


Get familiar with the vocabulary

In order to understand how CrossFit works, beginners have to learn its language. At first, it can seem like a complicated jargon but as we keep coming back, we will realize that the same words are used over and over again.

There are the terms used to describe the type of workouts: EMOM, TABATA, For time and the names of the movements: snatch, clean and jerk, deadlift, push press, toes to bar, etc..

These are identifiable on the Wodify app prior to coming to class and easily searchable on in the internet. It’s a good idea to write them down in order to memorize them each time they show up.

Understand the community  

After we join, we will be added to a private Facebook group where all members have the chance to interact and share CrossFit related subjects. One of the main reason why people attend classes regularly is because of the members who never leave the class without making sure that their peers finished the workout, always happy to team up or help out a newbie, and eager to share pain and effort the time of a workout.

Members share the same passion, which outside of the gym doesn’t relate that easily. It is not like any other sports or fitness activity. Any occasion to workout and bond is a good enough reason to get together and celebrate. For that reason, you CrossFit gym takes their social events as seriously as their workouts!


Tamara Akcay

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