5 Mistakes to avoid during the Open


5 Mistakes to avoid during the Open

  February 9, 2018

Excited by the fantastic atmosphere we know will unfold during Friday night lights, we anticipate the Open and have created mental check lists. Unsure if we are ready, we are yet eager to modify any aspect of our lives in order to do well. Whether or not we are able to get a muscle up during the next couple of weeks, we will decide to go RX or scaled. 

The ultimate goal is to last the entire 5 weeks with the same motivation as when we started after the first announcement.  

Which are the mistakes we need to stay away from if we want to enjoy the competition until the end?  



Steady nutrition planning 

This mistakes is likely to be made during any type of competition.  

Prior to the big day, we worry about food intake and change our diets to a healthier one. The amount of carbs we have ingested until now have sent signals to our bodies that this is how we function and in response, it has adjusted it capacity to perform and recover. When we drastically modify a diet without the necessary time to adapt, we run the risk of feeling uncomfortable, bloated, unable to digest properly and not having enough energy to push as hard as we had wished. We could also respond really well! But is it something we want to chance right before the Open?  


Exact Movement patterns  

We are tempted to go faster than usual during an Open workout and especially the first weeks. Excited at the prospect of seeing our names on the leader board, we feel the pressure to perform fast. Fast is unfortunately not a synonym of well.  

We must be attentive to our form although technique may waiver. We might not perceive it as important yet it is also a test of how well we can perform while rushing.  



Training as usual  

There is no reason to repeat the workouts twice or three times if we do not have a shot at Regionals. One attempt is already strenuous enough on our bodies and nervous system.  

The gym’s programme of the days following an Open workout serve a purpose. The coaches understand that we want to keep training without pushing to PR and perform to failure. If we are unsure if a WOD is a good idea, a conditioning class is always a good option.  


Reasons for time caps 

An RX’d workout with a time cap of 20 min is not meant to be done in 19:59. If we do so (17.1 for instance), we take the risk to fall apart the next day and drag DOMS and sore muscles until the announcement of the following workout.  

If we are not used to training at the prescribed weight it means it will be too heavy for the Open workout. We have to remember that the Open are fast metcons programmed for everyone, not only for potential Games athletes.  



Don’t give up! 

After the third week less members partake into the Friday night event. Some of them have work obligations while others are discouraged from their rank on the leader board or scores.  

There are five workouts for a reason! If we think we failed at one there is always the chance to redeem during the next ones.  

If we ever find ourselves in that situation, sharing our current state with our peers and coaches might change our mind set. After all, we are all in this together!  


Photo Credit: Flo Elite, CrossFit Games


Tamara Akcay  

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