It’s always great to get a Personal Best but it’s even better to master technique


It’s always great to get a Personal Best but it’s even better to master technique

  July 27, 2017

Long term training

If we have been training for a long time – that would be over a year, then we should be aware that PR’s don’t come as often. It’s normal to hit a plateau and stagnate for a while.

In the beginning of CrossFit, we celebrate PR’s almost weekly because there is so much to learn and to scale. A kipping pull-up is decomposed into ring rows, banded pull-ups, then we celebrate one, two three, up to five strict pull-ups, then there is the kipping pull-ups and the inevitable victory when we are able link two in a row. Same for a lift, up to our body weight, any 1.25 kgs that we would add on to the bar is a reason to claim a PR. After that, it inevitably becomes more difficult to lift with more weights on.



More accessory work

What happens in the case that we don’t PR? We add more accessory work in order to target the area which needs more strengthening or we add an additional step in order to reach our goal.

The 12 week programming designed by our coaches will take care of that. If we ever notice strict movements or a series of weighted lunges, box step overs, or “bodybuilding” type of movements, these are meant to facilitate our way towards our next PR’s. It’s not that the coaches want us to become muscular, but really help us activate certain dormant muscles which are necessary to keep improving our fitness.


Over trained

Have we done too much during the last couple of weeks? Perhaps we have neglected rest days, nutrition or sleep. Even if we don’t call ourselves professional athletes, those elements are important to our training and progress.  We need to take care of our bodies and rest, eat healthy, hydrate, and sleep a reasonable amount of time.



Ask the coaches

If you have concerns always ask one of our coaches. Together, we will find a solution to either increase our fitness during the next test in 12 weeks.

Tamara Akcay


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