Are you Having a Bad Day at the Gym?


Are you Having a Bad Day at the Gym?

  June 15, 2018

Sometimes it happens. We pack our gym back feeling great, thinking it’s going to be a productive training day and then we show up to class and it is as if we had never worked out before. We cannot even lift 40% of our max reps, feel sluggish and honestly quite perplex. Why are we having such a bad day at the gym and what should we do about it?


What is a bad day at the gym?

When we keep failing snatches, muscle ups or a complicated movement we usually master, we are probably having a bad day at the gym.

When we feel like every exercise is a chore, and don’t even know how we are going to get through the end of the class, we are probably having a bad day at the gym.

When we become frustrated, dying inside to scream, and kick the bar or on the verge of crying, we are probably having a bad day at the gym.


We have all been there! A first good measure is to slow down and get some perspective. It’s really ok to have a bad day and no one has ever lost gains or their technique by taking it easy on such a day.


What is going on?

We might be pumped and in a great mood but our body might feel otherwise. Often the central nervous system takes over when we least expect it and gets to decide whether or not we lift or perform that day. That is a simplistic approach to the complex phenomenon that is the nervous system but that is the reality of our body.


Several other reasons

We might need to pause and look at our sleep, hydration, nutrition. Three basic parts of our lives which are often overlooked.

Also, what kind of week are we having? If stress levels are high it may influence our ability to focus on training. Although we think that we are not directly affected by the problem, we carry it within. Examples are: jet lag, a cold, an upset stomach, a project that is not going well at work, a family member who is ill. It affects us and our body is just responding by saying: no more, please let’s take a break.


How should you handle your session?

If this happens during the strength part or the metcon of the wod, it is recommended to pause. No need to add more weight on the bar, first we scale the movement and then keep on moving. One thing is for sure, a rush of endorphins will always make us feel better. We should go aerobic instead of insisting on lifting heavy and possibly hurting ourselves.

It’s also ok if we have no idea how handle the rest of the workout. Mid wod, if we can get the attention of the coach, he or she will quickly modify it for us.


During the next couple of days

Opting for a conditioning, active recovery type of workout is a great plan. Implementing an impromptu rest day with an unplanned cheat meal can also contribute to calming down the body. It’s important to note that we might think we are doing great when in fact we are run down and nervously exhausted.


When you are having a bad day, it’s the body taking over. Listen closely!


Tamara Akcay


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