What can we learn from the CrossFit Regionals?


What can we learn from the CrossFit Regionals?

  May 31, 2018

We want to learn from the best, right? In classes, we mimic the coaches’ movements, perhaps we imitate the best competitor of the box. Same applies when we watch YouTube tutorials, we also try to copy everything that is instructed.
Regionals might be one of the best occasions to sit, enjoy, and take in every single detail from athletes performing. The higher the heat, the higher the technique, breathing, and most important of all, the mental game. These individuals are certainly gifted but they have practiced and established strategies. Nothing is left to chance but if an event doesn’t go as planned, how do they make up for it?


Our aim is probably not to participate at such high level, but some of us still thrive to do well in the class, at a local competition, or just when training for ourselves. In any case, there is surely something we can take from these phenomenal athletes.


Watch who starts off fast and who wins the heat:

The first one to finish the first round is not deemed to win the workout. We have seen it during Event 5 (HSPU, TTB, Bike and then the dumbbell race), the winner of the heat was not necessarily the fastest to get on the bike and yet they remained poised and composed. (Davidsottir and Vellner in their respected heats and regions)



Watch what happens in the gym also happens at an elite level. Most importantly, how do everyone react?

Event 1 Heat 1 at the East Regional, there was a problem with the Air runners. Some of them did not start and as athletes are not supposed to action the screen, efficient communication with the judge was the only way for them to solve the problem.

Some of them yelled at the judge, others kept running and just informed the judge of the problem. While none of these reactions could give an immediate solution to the current issue it’s interesting to observe the athletes’ responses in this particular scenario.


Who can stay in the game and keep a poker face?

Although their bodies are impressive to watch, the best feature of Regional athletes is probably their faces. They translate their state of mind and pretty much dictates how well they will do in the workout. Focused on the task at hand, they hardly take a break to watch the clock, the stands, or what others are doing, and if they do so it’s very subtly!


Who has not even crossed the finish line that they are cheering on other athletes?

Even those professionals are maintaining the spirit of CrossFit high during competition time. After all, this is their jobs and they could just wait at the finish line. But they are not, and it doesn’t seem like they are thinking of their brand or their appearance. It’s engrained in their lifestyle and that’s awesome to watch.


Even behind our screens, the competition is firing us up!

The passion, intensity and energy coming from these incredible athletes is palpable from afar. It is a shame there isn’t a camera in the warm-up area (although the Behind the Scenes reports majors backstage events) because getting such an insight would captivate more than one CrossFit member, that is for sure.  Once again, we might not be at their level but something about them is inspiring and we for sure are taking that je ne sais quoi back to the gym to crush the workouts and feel great about ourselves!


Don’t miss the upcoming Regional events the next two weekends! If you’ve never watched the competition please have a go, it can only be a positive experience!


Tamara Akcay






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