Can’t I just do the Open workouts without signing up?


Can’t I just do the Open workouts without signing up?

  January 26, 2018


Right before the first Open announcement, some members believe that they don’t need to sign up. “It will be just fine”, “I am doing it for fun anyways”. They think that way because they are perhaps nervous, not confident enough to get through the entire five weeks, or a coach or another member maliciously drew a negative picture of the Open, stating that there was no point of signing up unless they were certain to go to Regionals.


After the first results are entered on the CrossFit Games website, it is too late to officially be part of the Open. We should realise now that signing up is not just about a couple of dollars, it is relevant for many reasons.


Tracking improvements

Even if we are not even close to going to regionals, spotting our names on the leader board next to our previous rankings is a boost.

Surely, if we attend classes on a regular basis and work toward this or that movement, we care about our fitness level.

The Open workouts are designed by Dave Castro in a way that doesn’t leave anything out. Strength, endurance, agility, mind set are tested throughout the five weeks. It is similar to finals at school: how efficient was our training this year?

Setting realistic goals

If we were unsure of which movement to work on first, after the Open, we know.

After the five weeks, we will know which specific drills to implement to training in order to work our way toward better technique and solidify foundations.

How we have reacted to the announcements also gives us a hint as to what to prioritize. Were we afraid of toes to bar or snatches? If we are honest enough with ourselves we will get back to the grind as soon as the Open is over. 

Triggering true motivation

It would be too easy to quit after one workout because we think we haven’t done well enough.

We are not Crossfitters for nothing. Picking ourselves up, finding the necessary motivation to get back on track to the next workout as if it was the first one is also part of the purpose of the Open. Who can stay laser focused and not cave under pressure? Who can combat their weaknesses and attack their strengths?

Accountability until the end

We use the electric atmosphere of Friday Night Lights while everyone cheering on us to push through the workouts. Sometimes it is not enough. And if the only reason why we finish the workout is to enter our scores on the leader board, then be it. That’s a good enough reason to get through the struggle and feel proud and satisfied. 


Photo Credits: Barbend, Floelite


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