What changed in our lives since we started CrossFit?


What changed in our lives since we started CrossFit?

  April 23, 2018

Because of CrossFit, our world changed forever. 

Better health, better lifestyle, and better mind set. Who knew that in such little time we would be able to fit in a workout almost every day in our busy schedule, meal prep and sleep like a baby most nights? We wouldn’t swap back our previous routine for nothing in the world.


1.Bed time used to be around 1am, 12 if we were lucky. Tossing and turning is not part of our sleep pattern nowadays and neither is our bed time sleep. Watching a movie passed 10pm is out of the question. Plus it’s not really worth it, we fall sleep soon after the intro.


2.Gym clothes have hoarded our wardrobe, regular clothes don’t fit anymore anyways. We are obsessed with finding a good sale to purchase one more pair of leggings or waiting online for the release of the new metcons.


3.Sunday afternoon is not brunch, it’s not catch-up drinks with friends either, it’s meal prep!


4.Planning vacation even we the purpose is not training everyday always involves searching for a CrossFit box in the surroundings. Just in case we were in the mood to drop in and we will, because you know, CrossFit.


5.We made 10 friends at once whichever our age. That’s more than we did in the last 6 months! We are part of different messenger and whatsapp groups and we love it. 35 notifications in less than 2 hours? That’s our life now.


6.The way we perceive our bodies has dramatically changed since we started CrossFit, especially if we are a woman. The skinny imaginary body we were dreaming of all our lives is now obsolete. A strong and healthy body is what we strive for. We have quit obsessing about drastic diets and unsustainable goals.


7.We feel better mentally. That is a subject which most of us keep secret but truly, being surrounded by a supportive community and exercising everyday is the best remedy for down days and sad moods.


8.Someone in the street or on the tube wears nanos or metcons and we get excited. Is this person doing CrossFit (some unfortunately they don’t) and where do they train? Is there a box around this area? Basically daydreaming about CrossFit is one of our hobbies during a tube ride.


9.Food is one of the top priority in our life. Incorrect. Food IS the top priority in our life. Without it, we cannot perform and recover but we also train for it. Indulging in a burger later during the day could be the real reason why we were able to complete an additional round during a wod.


10.We speak a foreign language sometimes.
“So what did you do at the gym today?” One of our colleagues or family members might ask. “Oh! Today it was Oly lifting so we did some pause knee snatches, followed by some bent over row and we finished with a workout with wall balls, ski erg cals and burpees.”


Photo Credit: Chloecoates.com

Tamara Akcay



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