CrossFit: The Best Hour of Your Day


CrossFit: The Best Hour of Your Day

  November 10, 2017

How can is an hour at our CrossFit gym become the best hour of our day?

Work, school, children, meal prep, homework. When our days are filled with tasks, chores and obligation it is easy to become stuck in a spiralling routine. As much as we try to implement leisure and variety, sometimes it seems like we have tried to distract ourselves with everything and ended up committing to nothing!

Some people say that working out is an efficient way to decompress and recharge. When we step into our CrossFit gym we sometimes are nervous about the workout, unsure of what will be programmed, feeling forced to work harder and skip rest days.

Being a member is not about becoming a professional athlete but rather enhancing our lifestyles with joy and positivity.


New and different Social interactions

One of the best advantages of joining a CrossFit gym is its community. It is guaranteed that we will never be alone while working out as there will always be someone cheering us on and pushing us to get through the wod.

It is common for members to introduce a new comer, ask for their names, and get to know one another after the class is over while stretching. Depending on the box, head coaches also organize events such as drinks, holiday themed parties ( Halloween or Christmas,) run charity events, or local friendly competitions.

Members we encounter are usually out from our social circle and have completely different jobs and social lifestyles. It is a nice change from the crowd we usually associate with as it lets us out from our comfort zone.

Keep fit 

Taking CrossFit classes means working on strength, endurance and explosiveness. Every day is a different workout based on constantly varied functional movements.

The effects on the body range from weight loss, toning, blood flow, and cardiovascular longevity. Depending on our diet and lifestyle, the body has the chance to remain fit 365 days of the year.

Unwind and breathe: Check in with yourself

A CrossFit workout, even though it is performed with an entire class, can be meditative. We have heard athletes get into the “zone” which means that they are so absorbed by the workout that they forget everything else. The same applies to us while focusing on reps, technique, breathing and effort.

This time allows us to decompress and relax. It is stunning and satisfying to let go of worries and constraints for an hour.

Set new attainable goals

Apart from a steady career and personal life, we often times need a new challenge: a physical and a mind set test.

It is possible to set those objectives in a safe environment, and with plenty of preparation and training. Their achievements will increase confidence and transfer to our daily lives, not just outside the gym.

Boost your lifestyle and recovery 

With CrossFit training comes the understanding of the body’s physiology. How much do we eat? What types of quality foods do we buy? How much water do we drink? These are questions which become inherent to our daily routines.

Every day, we get to nurture our bodies whether it’s by exercising or recovering. Never a chore, always a pleasure: sleep, nutrition and positivity are add-ons that come with the sport of CrossFit.


Tamara Akcay

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