CrossFit Member Profiles

CrossFit Member Profiles

  October 6, 2017


From the outside world, CrossFit can be intimidating. There are lots movements combining weightlifting, gymnastics, and conditioning and so many athletes posting themselves lifting large amount of weights or spinning around on a pull-up bar.

What we see at the CrossFit Games or on social media and what we do at the gym differs in many aspects. In order to clarify  what we do in a CrossFit Gym for any newcomer or someone curious to know more information, here are the characteristics of a CrossFit member:



CrossFit members have jobs, personal lives and other interests which hold their full attention. The reasons why they join a gym span from losing weight, health issues, feeling better within their own skin, confidence, or let off steam after work.



Whichever the reasons, members of a CrossFit gym all share the same passion: giving their best during an hour in a friendly environment.

For some, this passion grows as their attend classes week by week, for others, they have played sports in the past and are able to throw themselves back in it with all their hearts.



Class attendance

Members will find time in their busy schedules to come to the gym. It might not be everyday and some weeks it might not even be at all. But they will be consistent in the long term, understanding that CrossFit is nothing like anything they have experienced before. A class looks like a workout, but in reality we are training different elements such as cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.


Weights for everyone: scaling option

Not all members have the same level and that’s completely fine. Some have started a few years ago, others have less experience but all are doing the exact same movements all together in the same class.

This is possible because of the scaling options which are always mentioned in the workouts.




A CrossFit member mimics eating habits of other professional athletes, conscious that they can adjust and be lenient with their foods if they need to. Therefore, it is not rare to see a member use a carb drink during class, or a protein whey shake after.

At home, they might meal prep, count macros or be vigilant of what they ingest, the end goal being to become fitter, perhaps leaner, and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.


Community and friendships

Apart from some individuals who choose to follow an “athlete programme” with the aim to enter competitions, gym members never train alone. There is always someone to cheer them on at the end of the workout when it’s hard to breathe, there is always an athlete who looks in the same direction to signal that everything will be ok, and there is always a friend who believes in ourselves more than we do.


Tamara Akcay

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