CrossFit members: are you rewarding yourself enough?


 CrossFit members: are you rewarding yourself enough?

  May 21, 2018

 It feels like a routine now. We pack a gym bag, set up our alarm, and plan snacks for the pre-workout. We go to the gym without even questioning it, we love it and have seen its benefits since we started.
Have we ever took a moment to reflect back on our progress? Have we ever assessed how difficult what we are doing is? Whether it is just for fun or for competition purposes, we need to reward ourselves!

You train multiple times a week:

And with intensity! CrossFit is not the easiest hobby. Deep down we know it, but everyone is putting on such a brave face and being so inspiring that we we have no other choice than to keep showing up. 

You eat clean most of the time:

At first, we didn’t understand how it would be possible to give up all the refined sugar and processed carbs. It only took us a couple of month to associate good fuel with higher performances.

You put back your equipment:

If anyone has even been to a global gym they know. It’s an absolute mess, plus it could be dangerous! We put our stuff back because it just makes sense to avoid tripping on it and simply because we respect our coaches and the box we train at!

You listen to the coach’s cues and feedbacks:

Sometimes are harder than others, especially when we are told that the bar is too heavy or that our form has deteriorated mid-wod. Our ego and pride are affected but that what CrossFit is also about: focus and progress.

You set new goals that you actually achieve!

Who on top of a strenuous professional career, a sometimes complicated personal life can brag about setting new PR’s at a brand new sport? US!

You encourage others and you want them to succeed:

What we want for us we want for others. Because we remember being a beginner, frustrated and hopeless. We remember someone else taking the time to teach us all they know about a particular movement. It was a great feeling. Now we want someone to feel the same way too.

You are becoming healthier and more active each day:

We might not even notice it. Perhaps we haven’t been sick for a long time, maybe we haven’t felt that much tired and slept better this past winter when temperature dropped down, or we have been feeling hopeful positive lately even when facing adversity in real life.

You are setting an example for family and friends:

They see us attending the gym religiously almost every day and they are just in awe. (sometimes a little annoyed that’s all we can talk about) They are appreciative of how committed we are. CrossFit has become our lifestyle, and its positive affect shines on us.

Tamara Akcay

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