Why CrossFit members should try to compete at least once?


Why CrossFit members should try to compete at least once?

  June 12, 2018

Another post about a competition on the Facebook group page! Everyone is eager, getting ready for the event while we sit back while contemplating the hurtful truth: we are terrified to sign up.

It is a common fear especially if you are new to CrossFit. Fortunately, most competitions are comprised of different categories designed to be performed by athletes of all levels. If you are unsure why you should at least give it a try read the list below, hopefully by the end of it you will already be filling out the comp entry form!


-From 100% to 300%

If you thought that you hit your limits during the wod, you will be surprised by how much more you have in you in a competition setting!


-Endless Categories

Scaled, Middle Ground, and Elite, the possibilities are endless because the organisers want everyone to participate, push themselves and have fun. A competition is not destined to professionals only. 


-What happens in the time leading up to the competition

You will usually pay special attention to your sleep and nutrition. The last thing you want is to be exhausted or worse, get injured!


-Inbox messages status: FULL

If you are part of a what’s app or messenger group at this point when it will be filled with motivational messages. Members who have experience in competition give advise, reassure the beginners and above all create an electric atmosphere which translates when you show up in class too.


-Competitors class

There is a class which never gets full: the competitors class. Most of the time, members think this class is for people who train by themselves in Open Gym, follow a different programme, or who are simply ten times more jacked.
If you think that, you could not be more far from the truth. Yes, these athletes can be intimidating but guess what? They are also part of this gym and you are also an athlete. The one thing they possess and that perhaps you lack is a competitive mindset and confidence which they acquired progressively by signing up to the competitors class.


-Train your mindset

CrossFit is many things: constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity, but without mindset it’s nothing. Your body gets you through the workout, but if you have the same physical capabilities than the person next to you, what will set you apart is what is in your head.
A competition forces you to enter in that self-confidence, positive self-talk mode which is not only vital at the gym, but also in your daily life.


-Qualifiers: all in this together

You will rarely do a qualifier alone. Everyone who signed up really wants you to join them at the final. The qualifiers are short metcons just like the ones you do during a class. You usually do them during Open Gym time. 
You warm-up, joke around and when it’s go time you forget everything and give yourself even more because all eyes are on you. If this is a bit daunting for you just watch someone else go first.


-All the butterflies

Do you recall that feeling? It brings you back when you were perhaps younger and carefree, excited to be present in the moment. That is the sentiment which will arise when the timer will be about to go off whether it’s during the qualifiers or the competition itself. Do you really want to miss out on this amazing feeling?!


Tamara Akcay



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