CrossFit: Sometimes it’s Not all About Performance


CrossFit: Sometimes it’s Not all About Performance

  August 24, 2018

What’s your Fran time? How much can you back squat? Can you do a muscle up?

It can often seem daunting to newcomers to even consider CrossFit.


It is, even for the most experienced, necessary to reset and take a step back to reflect on how well we move instead of focusing on performance. Because no one will ever post a video of them squatting with a caption that reads: “Today I performed by technically best air squat”, let’s unfold why in the end numbers and times don’t really matter that much.


If you come to CrossFit and do not care about numbers, is it really that bad?


Moving well in the gym to move better in life

Although one of the principles of CrossFit is intensity, learning how to move well is also part of the deal.

It’s what prevent injuries, not only during a class but in real life too.


One of the aim of CrossFit is to train functionality in the gym to operate better every day. 

Tomorrow, we might trip, lift a box from the floor, or avoid something falling off on us. If we have trained for it, it is more likely that we will avoid being hurt. We cannot predict the future, but we can at least anticipate some easy scenarios and train our bodies in the gym first.


Reconciling body, weight, and appearance all at once

Gymnastics in CrossFit forces one to have a sense of their bodies in space.

This means that while hanging on the pull up bar or inverted upside down against a wall, our perceptions change. We are used to seeing our bodies from the way up and down only. What happens when we suddenly have to maneuver our legs in space?

The relationship to our bodies changes, whether we like it or not (and most likely we do in the end), we are challenged to forget everything we hate and love about it and just accept it for what it is. Powerful? For some people, it is.


Testing our mindset

The timer is on and although the aim of the workout is to finish as fast as possible or do as many reps as possible, everyone has a goal they want to achieve: doing a set of reps unbroken, spending the least amount of time on transitions, breathe effectively, maintaining form, or paying attention to their inner-voice.

Eventually, working on all these smaller aspects during the workout leads to a fastest time or a higher number of reps. But this is not training for the Games, this is learning to pick an objective and stick to it, grow a strong mindset that will serve not only at the gym but also in life.


What’s wrong with “just” exercising and eating healthy?

Nothing! In fact, that is already amazing!

If this is what you are after and have no intention in competing or lifting heavier weights then that’s fine too. The only thing that matters in CrossFit is training at an adequate intensity for your body. Therefore, if a wod ends up being a walk in the park, you should consider levelling up your game.

You can “just” exercise and eat healthy, “just” do it with intention!


Tamara Akcay



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