Why Crossfitters don’t like Rest Days


Why Crossfitters don’t like Rest Days

  April 6, 2018

Rest days are not easy to manage, especially if we are loving what we do. CrossFitters have usually an aversion for rest days. Although we know it is necessary, we find it hard to stay away from the box. We shouldn’t be waiting until our body collapses to schedule a rest day but it is often what happens.
Why do crossfitters don’t like rest days and  what can they do about it? 


We think we don’t need it 

If we think we need a rest day asap, we might already be too late. Rest days are meant to allow the body to recover fully. CrossFit especially puts a lot of strain on muscles and articulations.  

After a competition especially or a series of PR’s we are tempted to skip rest days believing we are invincible. Coaches are the first ones to advise not to wait until we crash to recover. We need one to two rest days per week! 


We are bored 

CrossFit has become an integral part of our lifestyle and schedule. How can we fill in the time when we are supposed to be at the gym? It sounds obvious that we could do anything else but we often secretly wish that we didn’t have to take a day off.  

We have also tried active recovery activities but nothing sounded as exciting as a workout. Swimming, running at a moderate pace, or even indoor climbing were OK once but there were just a reminder that we needed to learn more skills. We would just have to wait until the next class while eating good food and sleeping loads as it is advised by everyone.


We get FOMO 

Who PR’d? Who improved while we were away? What joke did we miss? CrossFitters are so used to the environment of their classes ,every day at the same time, that they wonder what happens while they are forcing themselves to be good with their bodies. We are also looking at the programme and are not pleased to miss our favourite movements scheduled during our rest day.  

We just have to reason that this is for the best. Next time we come in, we will have so much energy that we will PR for sure! 


How to make peace with rest days  

The more we train, the more we have to recover. Otherwise the body will not carry on performing as well as it is used to.  

If active recovery doesn’t sound appealing we don’t have to force ourselves. Instead, we might want to rest the nervous system by effortlessly stretching while watching a series on Netflix and refuelling with water and whole foods. Sleeping extra hours is also part of the recovery process. It allows muscles to grow and memory to consolidate. Rest days are necessary to come back stronger and work harder to become better than we were yesterday! 


Tamara Akcay  

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