Crossfitters: Not Your Usual Athletes


Crossfitters: Not Your Usual Athletes

  March 9, 2018

From what we see on social media and what is happening in the box, Crossfit does not produce your usual athlete.  

Although it sounds like it is a lot of fun, it also requires an immense amount of effort and dedication. What differentiates a Crossfitter from another athlete? Why we, in our local box, can relate to the attitude of a professional Games athlete? 


Crossfitters moan and grunt about the wod but they secretly crave the pain 

Pain cave, dark place, anyone? Yes crossfitters are the first to complain about the intensity of the workout. Our protest is our warm-up! We get our minds ready to endure pain and suffer in “almost” silence.  

Deep down, we know that the harder the workout, the more satisfaction we will feel when laying inert on the floor at the end of the class.  


Crossfitters are open to play other sports 

A half-marathon, a swim, a hike, a ball game, we rarely decline to use our fitness. Curious to test our bodies, we want to see how far the strength and skills acquired in training will take us. 


Crossfitters will always cheer on their opponents at the end of a workout 

Basketball players and soccer players do it as well, but there seems to be a genuine selfless enthusiasm to encourage fellow crossfitters finish their workouts. We have seen in at the Games, and this camaraderie even at the highest level inspires us at the gym to cheer on other members.  


Crossfitters are excited to meet other Crossfitters 

Somebody randomly walks in the street wearing metcons and all of a sudden we become excited! Is this person doing CrossFit? We wonder where they train, is there a box nearby? We are almost tempted to connect with them and have to refrain ourselves from doing so. 

This occurs because of the friendly nature of CrossFit which most of us cultivates. A smile, a positive affirmation, a compliment, this is what we surround ourselves with at the gym. If we come across anything CrossFit outside the box, we just become excited. 


Crossfitters are always keen to try any type of workout  

We are just done with the class when someone from open gym walks in and asks us to do their workout. Despite the fact that it will suck because it will most likely hurt, we cannot help but enjoy sharing the excitement of a new workout and feed off from our Crossfit partner’s energy for the next hour.  

While another member ask ‘Didn’t you just do the wod?’ We grimace trying to hide our eagerness but anticipating the rush of adrenaline.  


Tamara Akcay  

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