What you don’t realise you are learning when doing CrossFit


What you don’t realise you are learning when doing CrossFit

  April 29, 2018

A great body, the ability to run, squats and lift things overhead. These are the physical benefits of CrossFit.
Since the very beginning CrossFit has allowed us to feel better in our skins but also enabled us to sleep better, play our children, or simply carry a luggage around while travelling.

Apart from practical efforts and activities, CrossFit has expanded our mindset. We are confident and grateful.
How does a sport which involves lifting weights and throwing our bodies on the ground (burpees) an hour a day can lead us to self-discovery?


You don’t need to be a Games athlete, just challenge yourself

Games athletes are a very specific number of people who, through full-time training reach the top. They are professional athletes.
CrossFit is primarily a training method before a sport. That is the reason why regular members can practice and find other benefits that serve them daily. To progress mentally, we only need to be willing to challenge ourselves.


Embrace suffering at the box, embrace struggling in life

CrossFit and hardships have in common the faculty to test our reactions. How will we act when challenged? Will we trust our capacities and embrace pain, or will we quit and listen to the inner voice telling that we are not good enough? What we learn daily during workouts trains our minds to clear our minds from negativity.
It is the same mindset we use when we are out there, asking for a raise, dreading to send an email, or anything else that we find problematic. We gradually learn to become more resilient in any scenario life throws at us.


Healthy habits

Exercise is generally paired with good habits. We decrease our consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine or radically swap them for more water, healthy whole foods, and vitamins. All these changes occur naturally. It becomes less of a struggle to pick vegetables instead of processed foods, and when the body demands to be hydrated, there is nothing we can do than drink loads of water.


Re-creates yourself, reshape your life

CrossFit has all these workouts called “The Girls” and these milestone lifts which we all want to become better at.
These goals give us the advantage to question our mindset and modify our though process in order to be successful. We create a vision, feel the taste of victory. And when we hit our goals, it boosts our confidence and overspills in our daily lives. This allows us to ask ourselves: ‘Now if I was able to achieves this at the gym, does it mean I can do it in my personal life too?’ It does.


Tamara Akcay


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