Why Everyone Needs a Little Bit of CrossFit in their Lives


Why Everyone Needs a Little Bit of CrossFit in their Lives

  March 5, 2018

Gym members who watch our excitement during a workout announcement might think we are ridiculous. Runners are perhaps exhausted of hearing about WODs, AMRAPs, and EMOMs. Weightlifters cannot possibly bear to hear one more time 18 point… 

We cannot even imagine what anyone outside of fitness really thinks of CrossFit and although it seems far-fetch that they would try a class one day and fall in love with it, we cannot help but wonder how we could spark some CrossFit magic in their lives.  

Why are we convinced that everyone needs a little bit of CrossFit in their lives? 


Body transformations 

Without dieting and counting macros, especially when starting CrossFit, members observe radical changes in their bodies. Wherever we begin the journey, our body seems to become alive, getting more toned, dynamic, and less fatigued at the end of the day.  

It also demands more water and food. We never knew this day would happen: we are drawn into healthier choices, naturally.  


Body awareness: health lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, and hydration 

We are paying attention to the importance of fuelling our bodies since it is the principal source of energy required to perform well. Recovery becomes an inherent part of our lifestyle. When we perhaps neglected our bodies for most of our lives, today we are nurturing ourselves from the inside.  


Get to flirt with your limits 

We didn’t think we needed a challenge or that testing our limits would trigger chasing excellence in other parts of our lives. CrossFit teaches us how to cope with the mind who most of the time wants to quit. We explore areas of ourselves that we never thought we possessed.  


Experience the sense of community 

If we have never been part of a community, CrossFit will welcome us with open arms. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what we look like or which clothes we are wearing. It doesn’t even matter if we are fit or not!  


Meet people you would have never encountered before 

Meeting new faces is tough. Between our personal lives, work and daily obligations it is not that easy to meet like-minded people to enlarge our social circle. Look no further if you wish to get to know passionate and friendly individuals who will not let you down! CrossFit is the right place to start mingling again.  


Chill after work, or relax before facing the day  

Training is the best natural medicine to ease anxiety and relieve stress. Or at least, CrossFit is. If the sound of wandering in a global gym doesn’t sound appealing as a motivation booster, a CrossFit wod early in the morning or after work can change the game dramatically. It’s pushing our bodies first of course, but it is also mentally thinking that we have accomplished something huge that day. We get fit while enjoying ourselves, that’s a massive bonus.  


Photo Credit: CrossFit Invictus

Tamara Akcay 

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