I finish last in all my workouts, should I quit CrossFit?


I finish last in all my workouts, should I quit CrossFit?

  May 31, 2018

NO, don’t quit!

The frantic pace, intimidating bodies, and the coach watching your every move at first can be the first reason why you would think you don’t belong to a CrossFit gym.

After a couple of weeks, you should have hopefully made new CrossFit friends and become accustomed to the traditional set up of a class: warm-up, a fundamental lift or gymnastic drills, and a met-con. There are different options to consider if you are finishing the workouts last. It’s not your fault, CrossFit was not designed to make you feel that way. Progress is key here.

So let’s explore how you can improve in the next couple of classes!


Scale and demystify the RX’d option

If you don’t already know, here it is again: scaling the workouts is a normal process in CrossFit.
Everyone starts by adjusting the loads, reps, distance, and even time! There is NOTHING to be ashamed of, no one will judge you for having to do the met-cons with an empty barbell or doing ring rows instead of pull-ups.

Also, you don’t have to come up with scaling options yourself, it is the coaches’ job to ask questions about your current fitness level and adjust the workout to your particular needs. Ask and listen to their precious advice. Too many members are attracted to the RX’d loads on the board and end up injured and demotivated. That is not the intend of CrossFit. The objective is to get you fit, healthy, and full of energy for anything that you have to face in your everyday life!


What is your fitness past?

What have you been doing the past 6 months? This is not a trick question, but just a reminder of where you are starting and what you are willing to accomplish.

If you haven’t done any type of weight lifting or cardio during the past 6 months except for some yoga, bootcamp or spin classes then welcome to CrossFit! You will need to take it easy at first by scaling the workouts, but you can definitely follow a scaled wod and get started asap on the introduction classes.

If you would simply like to jump start your health and fitness, same applies here: scaled workouts will be prescribed. You will have to work hard but in an environment that’s friendly, encouraging and enjoyable!


Consider your rest days and your patterns around CrossFit

We recommend that you follow the 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off pattern. Just because of how the workouts are programmed in CrossFit and the amount your muscles and nervous system can handle. (If you wish to learn more about it please approach a coach)

If you are tired during the met-cons, perhaps consider introducing another rest day to your weekly planning.

Also, we cannot stress this enough: good sleep and enough food is paramount to be able to perform well during a CrossFit class. No one teaches you that in a globo gym or in a private studio, this is why CrossFit is so inclusive: you learn more about a healthy lifestyle by practicing than by opening any best seller books.


Never, ever think of quitting


Don’t think of getting in shape before starting CrossFit

CrossFit is not a sport, it’s a progressive methodology. Some people think that they need to be in shape before attempting a CrossFit workout in a box. You do not have to be fit before joining, getting you there is part of the process.


What you should expect from the coaches and the members

The coaches should ask about your background. They should be mindful of your physical state before scaling the wod for you. The head coaches and owners of the box should also spend time physically at the box or on social media to bring their members together. After a couple of weeks, you should feel part of the community.

If you are not being looked after by the coaches and the members then you should leave immediately. Don’t worry, there are many CrossFit gyms in your city, you will find the right one for you.

We know you are used to a normal gym setting but this is CrossFit, and we do things differently.


Tamara Akcay

Photo Credit: CrossFit.com


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