Your Guide to Your First CrossFit Class


Your Guide to Your First CrossFit Class

  September 5, 2017

Whether it is our first intro class or our first official WOD, we feel the need to come prepared. Although there is nothing to be afraid of, CrossFit can be intimidating at first. This is maybe due to the fit athletes showing off their PR’s on Instagram or the documentaries about the Games. From the numbers of people who have lost weight, became healthier or have found a true passion, we understand that CrossFit is accessible yet we are apprehensive to the idea or trying out a class.

Here is the guide to our first questions prior to attending a class in the format of typical questions all newcomers have asked themselves at some point in their beginnings.


Should I bring anything with me?

All the equipment we need to train is available on site. If the workout requires us to use a jump rope, we might notice the athletes taking theirs from their bags but the gym has many available for us too.

Perhaps the only thing we should bring is a change of shirt, a bottle of water and a small snack to eat for when we are done. We will most likely sweat and we don’t want to take the risk to catch a cold, and even though we might not feel hungry right after the class is over it’s always better to snack than to devour anything once we are home.


What should I wear?

Most Crossfitters wear shorts or a pair of legging and a tee shirt. Regarding shoes, flat soles are preferred than running shoes.



What should I eat before the class?

The answer to that question varies from one individual to the other. It is recommended to avoid a big meal before a class, and also advised to have allowed enough time for digestion. If our last meal goes back to three hours, we should snack on something small like half a banana or a cereal bar. It will give us the right amount of energy without bothering us when we have to run, pedal, lift or jump.


Should I train before class?

CrossFit guarantees to take us from where we are to an improved version of ourselves. There is no requirement to attend a first WOD, even less to train or get in shape. It would be like dieting before seeking the help of a nutritionist.


What if I can’t follow the class?

The coaches who will teach and follow our progress know that when we start CrossFit we might not feel confident about our skills or our ability to follow the group on our first try. No one will judge us for that. On the contrary, it is amazing to notice how all the other members value our efforts and are impressed by the fast progress we make.



What are we going to be doing during an hour?

First, there is the presentation of the workout, during which if we have any questions we should not feel embarrassed or shy to speak up. The coach reviews the movements and goes through the different scaling options.

Then, everyone warms up by following the coach’s precise instructions. There is usually a strength part during which we test the RM (Rep Max) of the day, or try to find a 2 RM.

After that comes the demonstration of the motions which we will be doing during the metcon that follows. Everything is timed and controlled by the coach, we have nothing to do except trying our best at everything that is instructed.


What should I do afterwards?

A CrossFit class is not like a typical global gym class. Therefore, when the timer ends it doesn’t mean that all the members get their stuff and leave. First off there is the traditional moment during which we fist bump and congratulate one another for the great effort we put in the workout that day.

Then, some people might run because of work or their tight schedule, but most likely athletes will hang out, foam roll or stretch while discussing the workout they just did. Anyone is welcome to participate and as we keep coming back, we will notice that it is easier to acclimate and take part in the conversations.

Photo Credits: Anna Rachel Photography 

Tamara Akcay