How to get back to into Crossfit after taking time off?

How to get back to into Crossfit after taking time off?

  July 6, 2018

Whether you took time off from CrossFit because of an injury or a busy schedule at work doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider getting back into it. It could be daunting to think of starting all over again. Who wants to be sore, aching and feeling unfit? No one!

Here is how you should consider getting back into your CrossFit routine.


Take a break from your ego

Your muscles will probably feel less painful than your ego. Accepting that you are not going to be able to perform how you were used to is brave! If the discourse in your mind is positive and encouraging you will be back to where before without realizing it. Instead of pestering and frustrated, work on your thoughts, count your wins each day and visualise your future back-on-track self!


Scaling is the name of the game

Everyone scale for different reasons: when you are a beginner, injured, deloading, or easing your way back in into the wods. Start at the bottom and progressively load the bar to avoid shocking your nervous system and muscles. After a long break (3 to 6 months, or ever more), the body has accustomed to a new lifestyle and could respond badly to drastic changes.


Plan the weeks ahead

According to your level of CrossFit prior to taking the break and your fitness history, estimate how long it will take you to reach your previous loads and times. Planning gives a rough guess of the time you will need to return to your previous numbers without feeling discouraged. 


Work on mobility

You will need to re-train your mobility. This means that before using your joints (shoulders, hips, ankles, and wrists) you will have to expand their ranges of motions. Your articulations most likely lost some of their strength and control and in order to do overhead movements, gymnastics, and any type of Olympic lifting it will need to be trained again.


Stretch at night

We all experienced DOMs after a deadlift session, so we know how it feels to suddenly be sore the day after lifting. Stretching after each workout prevents from feeling stiff. It might not alleviate the pain altogether but it sure will help you sit down or take the stairs after the first days of getting into CrossFit!


Don’t forget the essentials

Hydration, sleep, and whole foods are vital when it comes to performing and recovering. If you haven’t been able to keep up while taking a break from your training make sure get back at it straight away.


Envision success

In 2 or 3 months, how do you see yourself at the gym? Are you lifting heavier than you were before taking a break? If so, chances are that this vision will become reality. Never stop focusing on how you want to feel both physically and mentally.


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