How to get excited about CrossFit in winter?


How to get excited about CrossFit in winter?

  December 8, 2017

The box is becoming empty as we enter the month of December.

Excitement is the last feeling inhabiting the gym especially when temperatures drop and the rain won’t go away.
Winter is not an easy time to keep our training consistent. Christmas parties start early in the month, at 4pm it is already night time, and all the foods and drinks look more appealing than ever.
It is fine to skip a workout once in a while but when we start cancelling classes each week, we know something is up.

Once the holidays are over and it is time to get back in the grind, we will feel regret without a doubt and wished we hadn’t paused our training for so long.

Winter is the time to get excited about CrossFit!


More training + protein = guilt free indulgences

In a logical way, thinking If I train, eat more protein during the day to avoid starving and leave carbs for my Christmas dinner, we should be fine. Easier said than done.

We force our bodies all year round to perform fast metcons and lift heavy weights. It takes so little for us to go back to a less healthy routine. Perhaps it Is best to introduce some more rest days it we feel run down, and keep consistent at attending classes.

If the sound of training in the dark after work doesn’t sound appealing, switch to morning classes. Even though these will be done at dark, they will be out of the way.

Some people find it motivating to think of how hard they need to push during the workout to be able to have desert, or a glass of wine.

What we are really trying to do is create a calorie deficit in order to maintain our fitness throughout the festive season.

Layers gym clothes

Who doesn’t love to wear new clothes at the gym? It is advised to wear layers at the gym. As we warm-up we take off a layer, one at a time. We had black Friday and we will have boxing day soon. Needing layers to battle the cold weather is a sufficient reason to use discounts.


Suck it up : mind set growth

Winter time is an excellent test to challenge our deep motivation, our ‘Why’.

Why did we start CrossFit? If we analyze why we are not showing up when a couple of degrees drop, we might find the real reasons why we train and suffer every day.

Training in the cold weather is part of CrossFit mentality: we don’t want to feel pain but we do it anyways.

Honor the coaches

Our favourite coaches are standing freezing in the box waiting for us to show up. This might not sound like a rational reason to attend the class but subjectively it is!

Sometimes the best atmosphere, fun,  laughter and therefore memories are created in a smaller group with the presence of our favourite coaches.

They sincerely enjoy our company, we owe it to them.


Strength accumulation

While everyone else is stuffing their faces, we lift, pull, push, and fight. Winter is the best time to build strength and resilience. If it is hard for us to train through cold temperature but are still making the effort to attend classes regularly, think about how more confident and relaxed we will feel when we train in warmer temperatures.

The Open 

It starts the week of the 22nd of February. That is a little less than 2 months. If we reminisce last year’s workouts  20kgs/15kgs dumbbells, toes to bars, muscle up bars and heavy snatches were programmed . We most likely felt like we could have used some more time to train and repeat the drills.

Is it really necessary to highlight how important it is not to stop training now?

Images: Reebok UK,, CrossFit Games

Tamara Akcay

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