How to Improve Mobility Outside the Gym


How to Improve Mobility Outside the Gym

  September 30, 2017

Mobility and stretching is key to CrossFit, we all know that. We mobilize before workouts and stretch afterwards. At first, we weren’t convinced of the benefits but as we practiced daily we felt less stiff the next day especially after a heavy workout.

We have noticed that after sitting at our desk at work all day it becomes harder to warm-up our bodies and mobilize. The more we become stronger and increase intensity during CrossFit workouts, the more we experience a tight body throughout the day.

This finding led us to ask ourselves if there is anything else we can do outside of the gym to help us improve our mobility and flexibility.


Straight out of bed

After sleeping for 8 hours, instead of jumping out of bed and reaching for our phones we could start the day by getting blood flowing. A form roller kept beside the bed will help us achieve that.

Nothing drastic, just gentle movements which will energize the body and open our minds to the day ahead.

If we really wish to jumpstart the day in a healthy manner we can also drink a glass of tempered water with a half lemon juice and pinches of Himalayan salt. Its effect are manifold: increase the immune function, decrease acid uric to fight inflammation and improve digestion.



At the desk

The main problem of being at a desk all day is the sitting form. The position leads to hunched over shoulders, tight hips and strained neck. We should aim to take breaks every 10 minutes, make sure our shoulders are down and our feet on the ground. We might also want to check the position of the mouse and the keyboard because that affects our upper body more than we would like to admit.

If by CrossFitting our goal is to become healthier then we negate all its benefits by sitting poorly 90% of the time. Katy Bowman, founder of the Nutritious Movement was recently invited to the Barbell Shrugged podcast where she explained in detail how movement throughout the day influences our health and bodies more than an hour spent at CrossFit.

We can become proactive by making small changes a week at a time.



At home

Better than foam rolling in front of the TV or stretching, we should make it a habit to sit on the floor instead of using the sofa. This seems radical but the consequences are immediate. The reason why we don’t do it is because we have become accustomed to the comfort and the fluffiness of the sofa pillows.

Sitting in a crossed-legged position for example strengthens the lower back, core muscles and increases hip flexibility. There are many other ways to sit at home other than on the sofa, below are variations of different sitting positions. Katy Bowman recommends to ‘Circle the ones you can’t maintain for longer than five minutes and make a note to practice that posture at the beginning and the end of an exercise session.’


Photo Credits: Nutrition Movements, Rogue, Mental Floss, RomWod

Tamara Akcay

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