How do you know your CrossFit gym is the best?


How do you know your CrossFit gym is the best?

  September 22, 2017

Whether it is our first CrossFit gym or we are looking to join a new one (because we moved or for other various reasons), we want to join the best gym possible. When there are so many in one city, how do we know we picked the best one and first of all, what should we expect from a CrossFit gym?


Introduction with the head coach 

The head coach(es ) manages the space, programmes and most of time welcomes new members. It should make no difference if we are new to CrossFit or not, any newcomer should be introduced to the gym in the same way.

Ideally they would want to meet us in person, show us around and ask us what are our goals. It is important for coaches to have a general understanding of who their members are in order to programme and set attainable goals for each member.


Tidy gym 

Without the right equipment, there is no workout. A CrossFitter has to love its barbells, med balls, and weights in order to keep them as new as long as possible. A CrossFit gym should be organised, equipment grouped and put away for the next class.


PRs and success

Not everyone will be able to do a strict pull up or a snatch, but the basic movements, like a squat  below parallel or a deadlift without an arched back, should be acquired just after a couple of months if the member is in regular attendance.



A reasonable number of members in one class

An overcrowded class is not a good sign. It is easy to notice and should scare a new member away. The ratio for a class should be of about 10-15 members for one coach. If it’s more than that, then there should be a second coach helping out.



Respect of the timetable 

The classes are running overtime? Some of them are even cancelled out of nowhere? Something is not right with the management of the box.


Coaches who correct and not only encourage 

It is great when coaches are enthusiast and cheer on their classes, but it is also crucial that they interrupt members to correct their forms. CrossFit is the intricate combination of two disciplines: gymnastics and weightlifting. The execution of the movements should be watched relentlessly.


Coaches available for additional information 

Coach should be available to answer any question about form, mobility, accessory work or anything a member needs. It usually doesn’t take long for them to explain. It’s also their passion so they should be enthusiast to answer any CrossFit related question.



A happy community 

Are members friendly to each other? Do they cheer themselves on or do they leave as soon as they are done with their workouts? The attitude of the athletes during a workout says a lot about how strong the community is within the gym. It is important that all members are excited about being together.


Competitors training

Competitive athletes bring a dynamic energy to the box. Ultra motivated, they inspire others to keep grinding and never give up.


Tamara Akcay


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