Maximize your Fitness during your Summer Holidays


Maximize your Fitness during your Summer Holidays

  August 7, 2017

It is the moment we have been waiting for the whole year and we intend to savour every minute of it! Summer holidays are right around the corner, perhaps did it even already started.

We have been working hard to shed off the weight, put on muscle mass, or simply become better at mobility during these past 6 months and we would not want to see our efforts vanish. Although we are quite certain that muscles don’t disappear within a week off from training, we would like to avoid coming back to training huffing and puffing after the first metcon post holiday.

Minimize food damages

There is no going around in circles regarding that matter. Nutrition is the factor which will count the most in keeping fit during our summer holidays. It already is a crucial component during the year, there is therefore no exception during off-time!

With little planning, we could avoid the worse damages . If we feel like dinner and cocktail hour are going to be serving delicious foods we won’t be able to day no to, then we might want to lighten breakfast and lunch and implement veggies as much as can throughout the day.

Bodyweight Cardio

We are passionate about fitness and we won’t mind working out daily. The only problem is to actually do it and moreover when we don’t have our CrossFit community to motivate us through hardship.

The first solution to this issue is to drop in a CrossFit gym. It’s always really great to discover how another box functions and in general they welcome foreigners with open arms.

Another formula is to concoct ourselves a programme with bodyweight exercises. The session doesn’t have to last hours, think intensity. One EMOM and one For time with a quick warm-up beforehand will do.

For example:

Warm-up: 30 jumping jacks + 5 push-ups + 10 walking lunges repeat 3 times

EMOM 10 min : odd- 20 squats, even – 10 burpees

For Time: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3: V-ups and jumpings squats

Activate weak muscles

The largest group muscles of our bodies will survive any excess, the smallest ones will be the first to tone down. We are thinking of glutes, lats, rhomboids etc.. With only a resistance band (loops and TheraBand’s ) we could do ourselves a favour by activating small muscles while we are away.

If we are unsure of how to work those specific muscles we need to ask the coaches, they have the necessary knowledge and will be delighted to help us out.

Optimize recovery

After nutrition, probably the most important element of maintaining a fit and healthy body. Recovery includes sleep, food, mobility and stretches. Sleep might sound obvious during holiday time but we might be surprised of how easy it is to postpone a couple of hours of sleep here and there.

Remember how hard it was to finally be able to squat deep or the extend our arms past our cheeks in the overhead position? We don’t want to have to do it all over again therefore we need to pack up the lacrosse and buy ourselves a mini foam roller that we will carry wherever we go.

Tamara Akcay

(Photo credit: CrossFit HPU, Men’s Fitness)

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