Our Memorable First Times in CrossFit


Our Memorable First Times in CrossFit

  March 23, 2018

When we look back at our beginnings we often overlook the hours spent working on specific movements. Because we are always in search for more, more reps, more weight, more speed, more explosivity, we don’t take the time to appreciate the struggles and far more importantly, the victories! Do we even remember our first times in Crossfit?  


The first time we strung 2 double-unders  

With determination and a most of the time frustration, we stayed after class to practice. One single, one double, one single. That was the pattern that would keep up sane when trying to string two in a row would leave nothing but whip marks on our arms.  

Finally the day came when, unexpectedly we did two in a row. That was a revelation, because two would open the door to 30!  Hopeful and proud, we carried on practicing until this day. Double-unders are truly hard work and it’s a never ending process. 


The first time we snatched  

With correct form and proper weight on the bar. Finally Oly classes were starting to pay off and all the efforts we had put into dissecting the movement, countless hours watching YouTube videos lead us to beautifully execute one of the most coveted lift in CrossFit.  


The first time we did a kipping pull up  

We were told that we needed at least 3 to 5 strict pull ups before even considering attempting a kipping pull up. So, we waited patiently and worked hard on getting the minimum requirement. When time came to finally try to kip, we were outraged! This was an entirely different movement than a strict pull up. We were almost there, we weren’t going to get discouraged by some swings. So we practiced again after class, diligently. Once we understood the kipping part, performing the movement was not that unmanageable thanks to all the strength we had gained.   


The first time we RX’d a workout 

For a while we had been scaling. In the beginning legitimately because we were just beginning CrossFit. After practicing drills in the specialty classes (Oly and gymnastics), we knew we would be fine with technique. Our concern was regarding speed and how fast we would be able to string everything. We took a leap of faith that day, loaded the bar with the RX’d weights and prepared the pull up bar for official kipping pull ups. More than the satisfaction to write our score next to Rx’d, it is all the hard work and dedication that we were celebrating.  


The first time we did a muscle-up 

It’s one of the last movement we learn in CrossFit and it’s one of the most impressive one as well. Whether that’s bar or ring, the muscle up requires many skills and is developed practicing even more drills. It implies coordination, speed, strength, and agility all in a fraction of a second. The first muscle up usually happens unexpectedly after an insane amount of repetitions. The key here is really to keep working at it, because it will eventually happen! 


Tamara Akcay  

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