What NOT to do at a CrossFit gym!


What NOT to do at a CrossFit gym!

  May 4, 2018

Show up on time.
Stand by the white board.
Follow the coach’s instructions.
Almost die during workout.
High five the training partner.
Stretch or roll for a minute.
Go home.
Attending a CrossFit gym class doesn’t sound that difficult, does it? It’s not, but if we want to have a good time and perform well at our gym, there are some guidelines to follow!


Don’t talk over the coach

So much has been going since we last saw our training partners, we can’t wait to catch up and learn about all the new gossips. Although a CrossFit gym is known to be extra friendly, the coach still needs to inform members about announcements and most importantly safety, technique, or scaling options for the wod.

Generally speaking, coaches don’t like when people chat when they are explaining things. Don’t do it.


Don’t skip the warm-up

The shorter the wod, the longer the warm-up, and it most scenarios, a CrossFit workout will last under 15 min. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to warm-up and pay attention to every part of our bodies. What feels stiff, what hurts, what feels great, what needs to be activated. It is our duty to assess the health of our joints and muscles. No one else is going to do it for us. During the warm-up we can adjust the weight we are planning to lift, or mentally prepare to pace the metcon.


Don’t rush through the first minute of the workout

A rookie mistake which takes a lot of patience to correct. So much motivation and energy after a rough day at work or early morning before attacking the day. We regret it instantly. We think we are going to hold on to it, just like Games athletes do, we also want to impress the training partner whom we want to beat (in a non-competitive healthy way!), but it is just too much. The rhythm gradually slows down and before we know it everyone is catching up to us. Next time, we promise we will P A C E.


Don’t bro rep yourself!

It’s so easy to miss the wall ball target and still count the rep or graze the pull-up bar instead of making contact with it during C2B. Bbro-repping (meaning counting the rep as valid even though it shouldn’t be) is detrimental to our CrossFit progression.
WHY? Brooke Wells did it and CrossFit HQ confirmed it was fine. Because we are not a professional athlete and the more we let ourselves get away with squatting below parallel, the more we miss the chance to improve our form and fitness. Rules mainly exist because it makes the movement more efficient, not because CrossFit wants us to embarrass us during a wod.  


Don’t scream to draw attention to yourself

It’s heavy for everybody! Some people expulse air from their lungs before attacking a new rep mainly at the end of a gruelling workout. It could also be a form of motivation for others. That is acceptable. What is not is to intentionally bring attention to ourselves to show off the amount of weight that’s on the bar. It disrupts the class and is unnecessary!


Don’t take off your shirt after your first rep

First rep! Unless it’s 35 degrees, don’t.


Tamara Akcay



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