How often should I schedule a CrossFit class?


How often should I schedule a CrossFit class?

  September 14, 2017

Implementing CrossFit classes into our busy schedule is a personal choice. We all want to become more active but would like to know what is the average time we need to spend at the gym to see results, start feeling healthy or improve our fitness.

This number depends on several parameters such as our athletic past, our objectives, if we have a defined goal and how much time we can dedicate per week to CrossFit.


Usual recommendations 

CrossFit recommends that someone actively following a programme, who have been coming to class for about two to five months, alternates 3 days on, 1 day off – the one day being a complete rest day.

If we are thinking of taking the introductory class and if we are allowed to also attend the wods we should introduce gently our new fitness schedule to our bodies by starting with 3 days of training a week.    


Goals & objectives 

We have to be honest without ourselves. What is our goal? (Any answer is acceptable).

Are we looking to lose weight, eat more healthy, become leaner and stronger, be part of a community, socialize in the circle of fitness, look for a new career path, compete, become a professional athlete, complement our sport with additional training, and so on, the list limitless.

Once an objective is set, it is easier to ask a coach and assess  how many times we will have to attend a class per week. Perhaps two will suffice, maybe five will not be enough.



Adding some specialty classes: weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning, strongman and PT

Along the usual WODs , the gym offers specialty classes to improve specific areas of training. It is important to consider those as they will help improve our general CrossFit level greatly and quickly.

When we are doing a workout for example where snatches are involved, it’s hard to focus on technique. That is why a weightlifting class is the perfect addition to our weekly training.

There are no added fees for these. These classes are as tiring as any other classes because they fatigue the nervous system as much and sometimes more than a conditioning workout therefore replacing a ‘regular’ class with a specialty class is completely acceptable.


Intensity during sessions 

This is again a moment during which we have to be honest with ourselves. The number of times we attend the gym per week is dictated by the intensity with which we approach the classes.

Let’s say we have been coming for 3 months and the first scaled level (fitness level) is perfect for us (our goals, how we feel after a workout, the results we get from it) then perhaps we won’t need as many rest days as someone who for example has shifted from the first level to the second level (in terms of skill and strength). The latter individual might need an additional day to recover better as he or she is trying to put on muscle mass or work his or her range of motion.



Gradually adding a class

If we are a beginner and feel motivated that’s great. The more passionate we are with CrossFit, the sooner we will see results. The mind Is strong but the body needs to adapt to out new fitness protocol. Ideally, we want to introduce a new hour of training every other months and not start with 5 days of training straight per week. This will give our entire body – muscles plus nervous system, time to adapt to the new volume and adjust the required recovery.


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