What is preventing from you progressing at CrossFit?


What is preventing from you progressing at CrossFit?

  November 20, 2017

Beginnings in CrossFit are synonym of improvements, gains, and PRs. When we have been attending classes for a while, we often feel like reaching a plateau. Although we have mastered some of the progressions, we wonder how we are going to reach the next levels of CrossFit.

With so much to work on and honestly little experience in the field, defeat can overtake us. In order to move fast from this stage, here are some signs which indicate that it is time to modify our training and mindset in order to move forward.



Have we recently skipped class and though that we would schedule another day in but never did? Those “forgotten” classes cost a lot in terms of skill memory and lifts repetitions.

Some of the workouts have us work at 70% of our max rep but it is these repetitions which are going to count when we try to PR.

Times goes by so fast, we have planned to practice double unders every other days and only managed to do so twice that week. A week, a month, six months can go by and when it shows up during a wod, we regret not having stuck to our programme.


Log your workouts 

It is important to keep track of our numbers. When the coach asks what was our last strict press max rep and we don’t know, it doesn’t upset him or her, is detriments us. Instead of gauging our progress and add load the bar, we risk regressing by miscalculating the weights.

The Wodify app we work on at the box makes it easier for us to record our numbers. No need to carry a notebook and search for the last reps, it’s all there with us at all times.

Consider the improvements 

Snatching 77.5kgs is not improving compared to last time we did 75kgs? If we think that progress is adding 10kgs on the bar, then we are mistaken.

No wonder why we cannot rejoice at our success. In order to grow in the sport we have to develop our mind-set as well. Considering 1kg improvement is what differentiates an athlete who will stagnate by ignoring it and another who will add another kilo the following week and get closer to final goal.

Be coachable 

The coach interrupts our workout to correct our form as we watch the clock ticking. If we are coachable, it shouldn’t bother us.

We are not competing nor attempting to qualify for anything. During training, it is normal to pause, modify or revise technique. We cannot afford to sacrifice good posture when striving to become better.


Some individuals have a tendency to skip workouts, other spend too much time at the gym. When is the last time we have rested for an entire day?

If we have to think back two weeks ago from today, we are probably one of those people. If this is us, we need take tomorrow off, schedule rest days instead of classes and really commit to stick to the plan.

Stop listening to people’s advice 

This person says it is crucial  to get HSPU, another says it is pistols, and another one claims that strict pull ups are paramount. If we listened to every single member and tried to please everyone’s objectives we wouldn’t go anywhere.

Perhaps one of the reason why we cannot see results is because we are trying to do too many things at once. The only person we should listen to is our coach and ourselves. The rest is just a projection of everyone’s fantasies and ego talking.

Don’t compare yourself 

In CrossFit, there is always something to work on, improve, and be better at. Some people are specialists while others are average at everything.

We get overwhelmed and discouraged because we compare ourselves to the person who already knows how to do muscle-ups and hand stand walk and is prioritising weightlifting. This person might be good at gymnastics and working on weightlifting but how if his/her conditioning?

Getting perspectives is crucial to progress!

Tamara Akcay

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