Reminders on How to Progress Fast in CrossFit


Reminders on How to Progress Fast in CrossFit

  June 23, 2018

We’ve signed up, completed the introductory classes, and are excited. Now it’s time to learn and get up to speed with the members, not just to master everything at once, but to enjoy competing with others during the wod.

CrossFit is comprised of so many movements that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Because of the excitement in the class and the elite athletes’ influence on social media, we usually want to be able to do everything as soon as possible. Where do we begin? And is it possible to accelerate the learning process?


Be coachable

You will most likely get told to modify your position at the beginning of a movement or mid wod when the timer is still running. Although it is frustrating to pause a workout, it’s also necessary. Coaches are here to make you a better athlete and giving advice in the middle of a metcon is common. Being able to listen and take in the instructions is what could get you to progress faster.


Strict is your best friend

Without it you are not going anywhere. Strict movements challenge your strength and stability, it’s the foundation of kipping movements.

You might be able to get away with some kipping pull-ups or HSPU but in the end, the lack of strict movements will catch up. Better save time and learn to love the strict versions now.


Know when to take a break

It’s very easy to be fooled by our minds especially after a series of PR’s. We feel great and think we can carry on 5, 6, 7 days of training in a row until it’s even a challenge to lift our warm-up snatch. That’s the nervous system bringing you back to Earth and ordering you to take a break. It’s therefore best to schedule your rest days.


Drills before the big movement

The muscle-up is the most anticipated movement in CrossFit. It is not achieved by jumping on the rings and attempting 4 or 5 tries after a wod. It is performed after many drills away from the rings or the bar, or at least closer to the ground.

Same applies to snatches, ideally we would need to work from hang, practice snatch balance, Sloth presses and develop our strength in specific areas to be able pull and catch the lift.


Repeat, repeat, repeat

Some athletes on Instagram make CrossFit look too easy! We end up believing that with a couple of attempts it is possible to master a movement and we become disappointed when we don’t.

There are exceptions to the rule but generally it’s by repetition that one makes progress and gets results.


One goal at a time

Double-unders, HSPU, muscle-ups, snatches, the list is so long, where do we start?!

Take one gymnastic and one weightlifting, or two opposite gymnastics (pressing and pulling) movement at a time and find out what the drills are, otherwise it might be too much. 


Quality over quantity

Technique is priority. You see athletes cycling the barbell and are then tempted to reproduce the movement in class at the detriment of form. You have to keep in mind that each rep they do is quality. Until you are able to link reps with quality form, you need to slow down the rhythm and keep repeating.


Show up

No one has ever made progress by not practicing and in CrossFit that means showing up to class.


Never give up

You will get PR’s, celebrate an improved Fran time and be satisfied of yourself, but you will also become injured, fail multiple times and be disappointed in yourself. This is CrossFit, the best at it are the ones who can manage to move on when things are tough, not only when they hit PR’s.


Tamara Akcay

Photo Credit via CrossFit Games 

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