Are we spending too much time at the gym?


Are we spending too much time at the gym?

  April 13, 2018

We would never have though that we would spend that much time at the gym! A twice a week routine turned into four times, and we are now coming at the gym to do accessory works and active recovery sessions. Our friends and family were admiring our will power but they are now concerned by our new passion.  

Is it wrong that most of our day revolves around CrossFit? We think not, but just to check, we are going to go through all the reasons why they might think we are spending at the gym too much!


Our plans are scheduled after the gym rather than after work 

‘What are you doing after work?’ Spontaneously (and naively) asks a friend of ours. You mean after CrossFit? Well, I go home, shower, eat and go to sleep.  

As much as we want to think that’s a valid answer, most people expect us suggest having a drink, dinner or catching a movie. All things which we would love to do. After CrossFit.  


We know how to convert pounds to kgs instantly 

It is like we are a currency exchange bureau except we don’t convert money but weight on the bar. We juggle from one to the other with ease. Although we do not use pounds frequently, we know how it should be divided and added up. We agree though: apart from being very useful in CrossFit, it doesn’t get useful anywhere else.  


We have a favourite spot in the box  

Warm up is done. We grab the bar and walk towards our favourite spot. It is where we always do our strength and wods. We realised we had a preferred spot when someone else used it and dared to do their entire session there. 

We like it because of the lighting, how it allows us to stare at that one spot on the wall when lifting, and gives us more space to place our equipment.  


We stay up to book ourselves in next week’s class 

How are people able to book themselves in that class? It is always busy! Don’t they have nothing else to do than wait, phones in their hands to book themselves in? This is what we are thinking phone in hand, waiting to book ourselves in that class that is always busy.  


We used to ‘just’ spend an hour at the gym

A two hour session several times a week is standard now. We used to think that people who went to the gym everyday were gym rats, too much into their physiques with nothing better to do.  

CrossFit has taught us that to improve we need to work on accessory exercises and develop a competitive mindset. There is no other way around it but to become obsessed with the craft. Now here we are, 8pm in the gym nowhere near finished to work on some additional exercises. 


A PR can turn you day around, even the most crappy one  

We have experienced it several times: we feel down all day, unfortunate events keep happening and things are not looking hopeful. We even doubt that we are going to make it through the entire workout at the gym. Honestly, we only show up to see familiar and positive faces.

Until we unexpectedly hit a PR. It is like nothing else during the day had existed! We are joyful again, in an excellent mood, ready to attack anything that comes our way.  


You run a laundromat in your home, the washing machine is constantly filled with gym clothes 

Putting away the clothes airer? Why? There is always something on it. Shorts, leggings, bras and socks. Did we mention these are all sports items?  


Tamara Akcay  


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