What the World Looks Like Through the Eyes of a CrossFitter


What the World Looks Like Through the Eyes of a CrossFitter

  July 13, 2018

Whether you have already started CrossFit or about to schedule your first introduction class, you are close to embark onto the best fitness journey that could ever been created on this planet.

Warning! After your first couple of months training at a CrossFit gym, you might see things a little differently.

This is how the world is seen through the eyes of a CrossFitter, and what you should also see if you decide to join!

  1. A marathon? Triathlon? Weightlifting meet? A Spartan race? A run swim run? For a CrossFitter, anything type of sport related to fitness is worth trying. They should be able to jump into any kind of activity and use their strength and skills to adapt and be the best that they can be.

  2. P25, C60, F17. Gibberish or mathematical equation? A CrossFitter knows how to read a food label and to spot macros with their eyes closed!

  3. The person next to you looking jacked AF and eating his fifth doughnut is not some crazy hungry person, just a CrossFitter on a cheat meal.

  4. CrossFitters find it perfectly normal to know how much 60kgs convert into lbs.

  5. Training at a commercial gym is a nightmare for two reasons:
    CrossFitters hate seeing people suffer on their own on an elliptical machine
    How are they supposed to do the wod without a rower, barbell and pull up bar next to one another?

  6. They try to get everyone try CrossFit. Why wouldn’t they? It’s was brings them joy daily!

  7. A Crossfitter can watch a good lift and call it beautiful and even art. A couple of months ago they were hating exercise and dreading the gym, they are the living proof that once you find the right workout, anything is possible.

  8. Eating from a plastic box (A.K.A Tupperware) does not only mean that you are saving money on food anymore. It means that you are conscious that take out meals are filled with unnecessary fat and sodium. For health and performance reasons, meal prepping is essential to your daily routine.

  9. Acquiring a toned and strong body is far more important than becoming skinny and flabby.

  10. You can have friends you met at school, work, and through other friends. If you don’t have CrossFit friends, do you even know what a friend is?


Photo Credit: Working Against Gravity

Tamara Akcay 


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