What to expect during your first CrossFit class?


What to expect during your first CrossFit class?

  August 17, 2018

Some people will come relaxed, others will be apprehensive and it would be perfectly understandable.  Although you have been reassured by the coach beforehand especially if you took the “on ramp” or fundamental classes, taking your first CrossFit class can be daunting.


What should you expect during your first CrossFit class, what do you need to bring with you, and how should you feel afterwards? Read below!


Come with:

-A good pair of flat trainers. Avoid running shoes with thick soles. If you are looking to purchase some new trainers these are typical CrossFit shoes: Metcons, Nanos, but we’ve seen people train in Vivo barefoot, Innov 8 before too.

-Don’t worry about weightlifting shoes just yet! You might not even need a pair. Although they look cool, they are an additional help for people who lack mobility in their hips and ankles.

-A spare change of shirt. You will get sweaty! You don’t want to catch a cold on your way back home

-Water and a post workout snack like a banana or a protein bar (Which you can also buy at the counter of the box, for the ones who are training at CF 1971 in either Wimbledon or Stratford).


Don’t worry about fit people

You might already be one of them but if you are not (yet :)) just come as you are. There is absolutely no need to have a certain level of fitness prior to attending your first class. The fundamental classes were not a test of fitness, they were explaining the basics of CrossFit movements and get you feeling what a class would be like.


Just follow the instructions of the coach

You don’t need to make up your warm-up nor decide how much you will lift. Everything is written on the screen where the entire session will be introduced at the beginning of the class. You might even want to check the workout online before coming in if it helps.


Expect lots of encouragements

From the coach and your peers. If you have trouble bringing the weight back up during a backsquat you’ll hear a lot of “Drive! Drive!”.

During the metcon you’ll hear grunts and “Let’s go guys” multiple time. No one is judging but everyone knows where the others are at. It’s an individual workout in a team atmosphere. CrossFit is unique in that sense. No one leaves the room or puts their stuff away until the last person still working is done.


How do you spot a CrossFitter training in a commercial gym?

They are (most of the time) the only ones who put away their equipment. And that’s what you will do too. There are not many pieces of equipment in a CrossFit gym so it’s easy to put them away. You will see everyone do so, no exception.


Amazed and satisfied

That’s how you will leave the gym. You should feel a rush of endorphins throughout your body, a smile across your face, and the eagerness to come back as soon as tomorrow!

How did you not think of trying out CrossFit sooner you might think? Well here you are! Well done!


Tamara Akcay


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