What you get from CrossFit that you don’t find anywhere else


What you get from CrossFit that you don’t find anywhere else

  August 15, 2018

CrossFit games, Froning, intensity, heavy, extremely fit. For the majority of people, that is CrossFit in a nutshell. What they ignore is that the CrossFit games are different than the everyday classes.


There must be at least one valid reason as to why so many individuals are hooked on CrossFit and attend a class 4 to 5 times a week. Most members are ex-commercial gyms goers, ex-fitness classes attendees and even ex-runners.

So, which elements converted these individuals to CrossFit?


Learn how to use your body

Before our first CrossFit class, some of us were already into some type of fitness. We were instructed to jump, lift, and move in a certain way, without really understanding what our bodies were doing.

The movements of CrossFit can be quite challenging and some will argue that they can lead to injuries which is true if they are not done at the appropriate load and inaccurately.

Limiting factors allow us to discover the limits of our bodies. The skills required to perform a deadlift or a squat in the way they are coached in a CrossFit class actually teaches a lot about the capabilities of our joints and flexibility.


Diversity in each workout

Every day, 365 days a year, not one workout is the same.

The variety of movements is so dense that it’s impossible to become bored. The class is structured with a warm-up, a strength component, and a metcon which allows infinite combinations.


Push the limits of the mind

Yes, CrossFit is about the body and how far you can push it. But reaching our maximum potential physically means managing the mind first, as without it, it is incapable to function.


Vibe and atmosphere

We have been in a class setting with other participants before. In CrossFit, it’s just not the same. The vibe is different than in a commercial gym class or in a fitness studio. It’s not about how fancy you look or how fast you perform either, the atmosphere is just something else.


Meet great individuals

It usually takes some time to recognise another member and grow a relationship with this person in any kind of fitness setting. In CrossFit after the first wod, we could end up meeting 10 new faces who will remember your name and recognise you in the next day’s class.

These people are bound to the same objective: during one hour, they will give their absolute best and drag everyone along with them in the process.


Coached by passionate people

Coaches or trainers can be overqualified and still be unable to translate their passion for fitness to their clients or members. CrossFit coaches love what they do and go beyond our expectations in terms of transmitting their knowledge.

Always interested in bettering themselves, they lead by example. They are CrossFitters first, after all!


Tamara Akcay






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