What’s wrong with cherry picking the workouts?


What’s wrong with cherry picking the workouts?

  November 6, 2017

Some CrossFit gyms won’t divulge the WODs until midnight, others publish the workouts on their websites a week ahead. Members become used to the routine of not knowing and therefore cannot cherry pick the workouts according to their likings. The one who select the days they will attend a class according to the workouts seemingly don’t understand that behind each weekly programming lies precise intentions.



Quality programming

Even though CrossFit claims constantly varied movements, it doesn’t imply that the workouts are chosen at random. Our coaches actually sit down and plan meticulously the workouts for each week. They might decide to begin with a 12-week strength programme around August, intensify with lighter cardio training around the Open while focusing on skills and drills exercises all year round.


Each head coach has their own style but what they programme is designed to feed the needs of their athletes. They get feedback from the coaches, look at the scores we input on Wodify and adjust the components of each WOD according to our weaknesses and capabilities.


It doesn’t hurt to test ourselves 

The workout is comprised of muscle-ups or handstand push-ups which we don’t have and we think it will just be frustrating to complete a scaled workout.
CrossFit is an excellent way to prove to ourselves that we can push hard but it also brings us to a humbling place where our ego just needs to shut down to make space for hard work.


Performing advanced gymnastic movements as much as heavy lifting takes time. It is a strenuous process which implies getting stronger, acquiring muscle memory, explosiveness and then putting everything together in a workout. Oftentimes the classes we want to skip are the ones we should be attending the most.



When we think the workout is too easy

Have we ever looked at a workout and thought, “This is only a cardio workout, I will skip it”?
If we did then we probably might have misunderstood the objectives which are to build engine, work on lactic acid threshold, or simply deload from yesterday’s workout which was heavy weightlifting.


Sometimes, our bodies need to recover not only by taking a day off from the gym but by getting blood flow moving, and that is why the programming will look less sexy than a heavy snatch workout.


Consistency, discipline, and mindset prevail

The days we come in and feel great about the workout is a bonus day, the other days are just building us up to those successful moments.


If sprints are programmed, we will work on explosiveness for snatches and weightlifting among others motions. If strict dumbbell presses are programmed, we will become stronger and next time a strict pull up will  feel effortless.


Photos via The London Throwdown

Tamara Akcay

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