Why Crossfitters are Fitter than You


Why Crossfitters are Fitter than You

  March 19, 2018

It is not what they wear, it is not what equipment they use, it is not where they do it. So, how is a crossfitter fitter than an average gym goer? 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines fit as “sound physically and mentally”. Based on that definition, which skills do crossfitters acquire which gymgoers perhaps do not have the opportunity to develop? What happens in the closed doors of a CrossFit gym seems to be radically different than in a global gym setting. If the equipment is the same, there must be something that is done differently and which produces results! 


Use of the entire body 

The workouts of the day (wod) never look the same. It could follow a chest, core, leg, back, and arms template but instead it has its own sets of rules. Although coaches follow some guidelines to avoid over training a specific body parts mainly to avoid injuries, the entire body is trained on the same day.  


Constantly varied 

Adaptation to explosivity, strength endurance and interval training is the foundation of CrossFit. These features continuously test the body and grant it the denomination of ‘fit’. As the body progresses and becomes comfortable in the workouts, weights and complexity of movements are increased. Becoming good at CrossFit is a never ending process, because there will always be a combination of movements we don’t master.  



We see most members already doing double unders or multiple muscle ups. There is not one crossfitter who does not think ‘if they can do it, so can I’.
This healthy competition which leads to dedication. Coming during open gym time or staying 20 minutes after the class is not a burden anymore. We know that hard work pays off, other members not more talented than we were have done it and it worked for them, why not us! 


A strong community   

Crossfitters understand that the community is partly responsible for their success. Instead of training by ourselves, with almost no one to share our results with, there are 20 people waiting for us to improve. It benefits them: they are challenged. And it benefits us: we are pulled to the top.  


Indirect results 

CrossFit is the most indirect way to lose weight fast or acquiring a healthy lifestyle without noticing. We really are following a logical process: if we want to improve our performances (times, reps, strength) we have to keep a clean diet, drink water and sleep more than we were used to.  

Nothing new about this, we have been knowing for years, we were just waiting for CrossFit for it to make sense.  


Photo Credit: www.chloecoatse.com


Tamara Akcay  






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