Why you should only compete with yourself in CrossFit?


Why you should only compete with yourself in CrossFit?

  August 1, 2018

Whether it’s in a qualifier or a class, you seem to never stop looking at what everyone else is doing. How much can they lift, how fast can they go? Instead of focusing on your numbers, you end up remembering all the others who you think are “good”. 

It’s a positive quality to be competitive but only if it elevates you to higher standards and a more positive person. Often individuals who watch their opponents’ every move end up feeling miserable and it’s not what you want, especially in CrossFit.

Why is it important to focus on yourself when competing in CrossFit?


Influence your internal talk

Whether you are competing against somebody who has a higher or inferior level than you two things can happen: you either beat yourself up because you cannot catch up or you slow down because you feel comfortable. Either way, you are not performing at your best capacity and therefore begin to feed your mind with counterproductive self talk .

If you follow your plan and concentrate on pushing your body to its maximum, all you will hear is encouragement and motivation which is exactly what is needed to win but also progress.


You can’t track progress with other people’s data

One day you set a PR objective after seeing someone lift, another day you change it after observing someone closer to your weight, height, or genetics. It happens more than we think, and instead of motivating you to keep improving your own score, it plays with your mind, leading you to nothing but lifting the same weight and plateauing for months.


Celebrate YOUR wins not the neighbour’s

Improving your clean by 1 kilo or beating you max cals in 1 min on the Air bike is huge and you should celebrate it! If you are constantly reminding yourself that you are not hitting another person’s numbers and therefore preventing yourself from being proud of yourself, you will have a hard time to grow a strong mindset.

A competitor feeds its mind with positive thinking and small wins are part of that process.


You never know what the other person’s weakness is

Starting with Instagram, it’s so easy to think that so and so from your gym are really good at snatching and why aren’t you there yet?

But have you seen them do gymnastics? That is the trap with social media but also with focusing on someone else’s performances, you are not with them 24/7 and therefore cannot see what their weaknesses are. CrossFit is THE sport which doesn’t require specialisation. Everyone is working on improving something.


Strong people look to the finish line, not on the lane next to them

You want to finish strong and give yourself the opportunity to beat the other competitors in your lane? Focus on your game first. Looking at what others do is a distraction, unless you are neck to neck with someone else near the finish line, looking at what others are doing will not help in your performance. You can look at others workout once you are done with yours!


Tamara Akcay



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