Why should you trust your CrossFit gym programme?


Why should you trust your CrossFit gym programme?

  December 29, 2017

The workout which appears each day on the white board or the screen of our phones is designed by the head coaches of the box. They create the programme weeks ahead with different realistic goals in mind for all the athletes. The ultimate objective is to provide technical and entertaining workouts. They seek long term improvements and short term satisfaction for all their members.

Benefits of following the box programme 


Although it seems simple enough to generate a programme it is in fact not that obvious.

The first positive aspect of following the programme of the box is the freedom to show up at the gym and not to think of exercises to do. Everything is thought through from warm-up, strength and conditioning.


Trusting the programme prevents us from injuries. The coaches make sure we solicit different body parts, activate isolated muscles, and alternate between opposed central nervous systems. This process allows our bodies to recover, grow and give the best each sessions.


The programme is tailored to our needs and skills advancement whether it’s in weightlifting or gymnastics. Although the head coaches are not present during all the classes, they ask for feedback from the other coaches. They therefore can plan the workouts knowing which skills have been mastered and which movements need to be reviewed.

Trust the coaches and ask questions

Implementing accessory works during open gym time is not considered deviating from the box programme.

On the contrary, it can only benefit classes and reach long term goals. If one of our goals is to improve our pull ups or be able to do a muscle up then the best way to approach the challenge is to get in touch with one of the head coaches who will advise us on some unilateral dumbbell works, slow and strict movements, and other accessory exercises.

Why do other members follow their own programme?

It has become a thing to follow a programme developed by a CrossFit Games athlete or a company who promises to take athletes to the next level. Whether we follow the box or an external programme, we should be a 100% into it. Only a handful of committed members will find time and dedication to train by themselves in the open gym area daily.

Some members juggle with both the box classes and workouts they find in random programmes. With all the good will in the world they think that it will benefit them when just focusing on what they are given daily through the daily box programme is sufficient!

Photo Credits: Charlotte Milesy

Tamara Akcay 

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