The Positive Aspects of an Injury

September 21, 2018
Whether you have been prehabing and stretching daily, or not taking care of your body at all, the result has been the same: you are now injured. The body is reminding you of your bad form, its overuse, or that something needs to be modified in your training. It's not necessarily physical, it could be something in your mindset as well. Depending on how you perceive your injury and the amount of time you will have to refrain from training like you

Do You Have a Crossfit Family?

September 14, 2018
You attend the classes, get a great workout in. You can pretty much do that anywhere, at a globo gym, or in a private studio. But you coming back to your box for something more, right?   You show up day after day because of the atmosphere and the people who will worry if they don’t see you at the next class. You probably would have never encountered these individuals in your current social circle.   What’s so special about those

Definition of the Best CrossFit Coach

September 7, 2018
"I believe great coaches have the ability to go beyond the movements and connect with their athletes" is the definition of one of the most renowned CrossFit coaches out there: Ben Bergeron. He not only trains the best elite athletes in the world, but he also runs an affiliate and programmes for athletes of all levels.   Technically, a CrossFit coach must have, to teach, a Level 1 certification delivered by CrossFit HQ. That is the minimum

Why is CrossFit a lifestyle?

August 31, 2018
CrossFit is not about competing and wining, it’s about becoming changing who you are physically but also mentally. How can CrossFit help you create a better lifestyle for yourself? If you are thinking of joining or if you are at the beginning of your journey, here is how CrossFit can change your lifestyle.   Eat more healthy That’s one of the first consequence of CrossFit. You become hungrier, not only for the food you used to eat

CrossFit: Sometimes it’s Not all About Performance

August 24, 2018
What's your Fran time? How much can you back squat? Can you do a muscle up? It can often seem daunting to newcomers to even consider CrossFit.   It is, even for the most experienced, necessary to reset and take a step back to reflect on how well we move instead of focusing on performance. Because no one will ever post a video of them squatting with a caption that reads: "Today I performed by technically best air squat", let's unfold why i

What to expect during your first CrossFit class?

August 17, 2018
Some people will come relaxed, others will be apprehensive and it would be perfectly understandable.  Although you have been reassured by the coach beforehand especially if you took the "on ramp" or fundamental classes, taking your first CrossFit class can be daunting.   What should you expect during your first CrossFit class, what do you need to bring with you, and how should you feel afterwards? Read below!   Come with: -A good

What you get from CrossFit that you don’t find anywhere else

August 15, 2018
CrossFit games, Froning, intensity, heavy, extremely fit. For the majority of people, that is CrossFit in a nutshell. What they ignore is that the CrossFit games are different than the everyday classes.   There must be at least one valid reason as to why so many individuals are hooked on CrossFit and attend a class 4 to 5 times a week. Most members are ex-commercial gyms goers, ex-fitness classes attendees and even ex-runners. So, which e

What your recovery style says about your CrossFit training

August 6, 2018
Are we taking your recovery seriously or do you just take care of your body when you are injured?  That is the most common practice amongst CrossFit gym members. Until you are unable to function during the wod, you will vaguely pay attention to the recovery process. The paradox lies here under the assumption that you don't need to spend as much time recovering because you will likely never go the Games.   Recovery applies to everyone

Why you should only compete with yourself in CrossFit?

August 1, 2018
Whether it's in a qualifier or a class, you seem to never stop looking at what everyone else is doing. How much can they lift, how fast can they go? Instead of focusing on your numbers, you end up remembering all the others who you think are "good".  It's a positive quality to be competitive but only if it elevates you to higher standards and a more positive person. Often individuals who watch their opponents' every move end up feeling miserabl

What the World Looks Like Through the Eyes of a CrossFitter

July 13, 2018
Whether you have already started CrossFit or about to schedule your first introduction class, you are close to embark onto the best fitness journey that could ever been created on this planet. Warning! After your first couple of months training at a CrossFit gym, you might see things a little differently. This is how the world is seen through the eyes of a CrossFitter, and what you should also see if you decide to join! A marathon? Triath

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