Reminders on How to Progress Fast in CrossFit

June 23, 2018
We've signed up, completed the introductory classes, and are excited. Now it's time to learn and get up to speed with the members, not just to master everything at once, but to enjoy competing with others during the wod. CrossFit is comprised of so many movements that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Because of the excitement in the class and the elite athletes' influence on social media, we usually want to be able to do everything as soon a

Are you Having a Bad Day at the Gym?

June 15, 2018
Sometimes it happens. We pack our gym back feeling great, thinking it's going to be a productive training day and then we show up to class and it is as if we had never worked out before. We cannot even lift 40% of our max reps, feel sluggish and honestly quite perplex. Why are we having such a bad day at the gym and what should we do about it?   What is a bad day at the gym? When we keep failing snatches, muscle ups or a complicated movem

Why CrossFit members should try to compete at least once?

June 12, 2018
Another post about a competition on the Facebook group page! Everyone is eager, getting ready for the event while we sit back while contemplating the hurtful truth: we are terrified to sign up. It is a common fear especially if you are new to CrossFit. Fortunately, most competitions are comprised of different categories designed to be performed by athletes of all levels. If you are unsure why you should at least give it a try read the list below

I finish last in all my workouts, should I quit CrossFit?

May 31, 2018
NO, don't quit! The frantic pace, intimidating bodies, and the coach watching your every move at first can be the first reason why you would think you don't belong to a CrossFit gym. After a couple of weeks, you should have hopefully made new CrossFit friends and become accustomed to the traditional set up of a class: warm-up, a fundamental lift or gymnastic drills, and a met-con. There are different options to consider if you are finishing the

What can we learn from the CrossFit Regionals?

May 31, 2018
We want to learn from the best, right? In classes, we mimic the coaches' movements, perhaps we imitate the best competitor of the box. Same applies when we watch YouTube tutorials, we also try to copy everything that is instructed. Regionals might be one of the best occasions to sit, enjoy, and take in every single detail from athletes performing. The higher the heat, the higher the technique, breathing, and most important of all, the mental

 CrossFit members: are you rewarding yourself enough?

May 21, 2018
 It feels like a routine now. We pack a gym bag, set up our alarm, and plan snacks for the pre-workout. We go to the gym without even questioning it, we love it and have seen its benefits since we started. Have we ever took a moment to reflect back on our progress? Have we ever assessed how difficult what we are doing is? Whether it is just for fun or for competition purposes, we need to reward ourselves! You train multiple times a week: And

10 Really Good (and Legit) Reasons to Convince your Friends to Start CrossFit

May 11, 2018
  What did you do last night? I was at CrossFit. What are your plans for the weekend? I am going to CrossFit! So, last minute dinner party, are you in? No, sorry I am going to CrossFit (and everyone will be mad at me if I cancel last minute). Instead of rejecting every aspect of your social life because of this place you are going to almost everyday and which creeps your friends out, why not bring them along with you? Sounds easy enough u

What NOT to do at a CrossFit gym!

May 4, 2018
Show up on time. Stand by the white board. Follow the coach's instructions. Almost die during workout. High five the training partner. Stretch or roll for a minute. Go home. Attending a CrossFit gym class doesn't sound that difficult, does it? It's not, but if we want to have a good time and perform well at our gym, there are some guidelines to follow!   Don't talk over the coach So much has been going since we last saw our

What you don’t realise you are learning when doing CrossFit

April 29, 2018
A great body, the ability to run, squats and lift things overhead. These are the physical benefits of CrossFit. Since the very beginning CrossFit has allowed us to feel better in our skins but also enabled us to sleep better, play our children, or simply carry a luggage around while travelling. Apart from practical efforts and activities, CrossFit has expanded our mindset. We are confident and grateful. How does a sport which involves lift

What changed in our lives since we started CrossFit?

April 23, 2018
Because of CrossFit, our world changed forever.  Better health, better lifestyle, and better mind set. Who knew that in such little time we would be able to fit in a workout almost every day in our busy schedule, meal prep and sleep like a baby most nights? We wouldn't swap back our previous routine for nothing in the world.   1.Bed time used to be around 1am, 12 if we were lucky. Tossing and turning is not part of our sleep pattern nowa

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