What is preventing from you progressing at CrossFit?

November 20, 2017
Beginnings in CrossFit are synonym of improvements, gains, and PRs. When we have been attending classes for a while, we often feel like reaching a plateau. Although we have mastered some of the progressions, we wonder how we are going to reach the next levels of CrossFit. With so much to work on and honestly little experience in the field, defeat can overtake us. In order to move fast from this stage, here are some signs which indicate that it

CrossFit: The Best Hour of Your Day

November 10, 2017
How can is an hour at our CrossFit gym become the best hour of our day? Work, school, children, meal prep, homework. When our days are filled with tasks, chores and obligation it is easy to become stuck in a spiralling routine. As much as we try to implement leisure and variety, sometimes it seems like we have tried to distract ourselves with everything and ended up committing to nothing! Some people say that working out is an efficient wa

What’s wrong with cherry picking the workouts?

November 6, 2017
Some CrossFit gyms won't divulge the WODs until midnight, others publish the workouts on their websites a week ahead. Members become used to the routine of not knowing and therefore cannot cherry pick the workouts according to their likings. The one who select the days they will attend a class according to the workouts seemingly don't understand that behind each weekly programming lies precise intentions.     Quality progra

Shoulds and shouldn’ts if you think you are injured

October 22, 2017
It happens often, we are in a workout, and out of nowhere we feel discomfort. We grimace, glance at the area which hurts, and try once more to execute the movement. If it happens again, we immediately think that we are injured. There are two types of people: ones who panic and others who push through. If none of these reactions are healthy, then what is the best way to react to a niggle or a potential injury? In other words, what should we do an

Who is your training partner?

October 14, 2017
A CrossFit class is a group of individuals who train together, that is a fact. Within that group, it is not rare to see the formation of several duos immediately partnering up when a team workout comes up, or who instantly sharing a barbell during the strength part. These people mostly come to at same time and day, they 'click' and they learn from each other. The CrossFit community is known to be one of the strongest, comprised of hard working

CrossFit Member Profiles

October 6, 2017
  From the outside world, CrossFit can be intimidating. There are lots movements combining weightlifting, gymnastics, and conditioning and so many athletes posting themselves lifting large amount of weights or spinning around on a pull-up bar. What we see at the CrossFit Games or on social media and what we do at the gym differs in many aspects. In order to clarify  what we do in a CrossFit Gym for any newcomer or someone curious to k

How to Improve Mobility Outside the Gym

September 30, 2017
Mobility and stretching is key to CrossFit, we all know that. We mobilize before workouts and stretch afterwards. At first, we weren't convinced of the benefits but as we practiced daily we felt less stiff the next day especially after a heavy workout. We have noticed that after sitting at our desk at work all day it becomes harder to warm-up our bodies and mobilize. The more we become stronger and increase intensity during CrossFit workouts,

How do you know your CrossFit gym is the best?

September 22, 2017
Whether it is our first CrossFit gym or we are looking to join a new one (because we moved or for other various reasons), we want to join the best gym possible. When there are so many in one city, how do we know we picked the best one and first of all, what should we expect from a CrossFit gym?   Introduction with the head coach  The head coach(es ) manages the space, programmes and most of time welcomes new members. It should

How often should I schedule a CrossFit class?

September 14, 2017
Implementing CrossFit classes into our busy schedule is a personal choice. We all want to become more active but would like to know what is the average time we need to spend at the gym to see results, start feeling healthy or improve our fitness. This number depends on several parameters such as our athletic past, our objectives, if we have a defined goal and how much time we can dedicate per week to CrossFit.   Usual recommendatio

Importance of Core in CrossFit

September 11, 2017
  We mostly hear about quads, shoulders and glutes. The core is eventually associated with the six packs most people wish they had. The good news is we don't have to have apparent abs to have a strong core and also, what a six packs reveal is generally a low body fat percentage. With this information in mind, how can we tell if we have enough core, and most importantly, what is referenced to core when we talk about midline stabilisat

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