Are we spending too much time at the gym?

April 13, 2018
We would never have though that we would spend that much time at the gym! A twice a week routine turned into four times, and we are now coming at the gym to do accessory works and active recovery sessions. Our friends and family were admiring our will power but they are now concerned by our new passion.   Is it wrong that most of our day revolves around CrossFit? We think not, but just to check, we are going to go through all the reasons why t

Why Crossfitters don’t like Rest Days

April 6, 2018
Rest days are not easy to manage, especially if we are loving what we do. CrossFitters have usually an aversion for rest days. Although we know it is necessary, we find it hard to stay away from the box. We shouldn't be waiting until our body collapses to schedule a rest day but it is often what happens. Why do crossfitters don't like rest days and  what can they do about it?    We think we don't need it  If we think we need a r

Work your weaknesses

April 1, 2018
Is there anything worse (within the gym environment) than to look at the WOD and realise that we cannot do a movement? Not because we have not been taught this particular movement but because we have decided to skip it? Preference, ability, and mood, all were good reasons to deny the fact that we didn't feel like repeating the drills, endure frustration and spend extra time at the gym. If we do not feel any guilt and resentment towards ourselve

Our Memorable First Times in CrossFit

March 23, 2018
When we look back at our beginnings we often overlook the hours spent working on specific movements. Because we are always in search for more, more reps, more weight, more speed, more explosivity, we don't take the time to appreciate the struggles and far more importantly, the victories! Do we even remember our first times in Crossfit?     The first time we strung 2 double-unders   With determination and a most of the time frustratio

Why Crossfitters are Fitter than You

March 19, 2018
It is not what they wear, it is not what equipment they use, it is not where they do it. So, how is a crossfitter fitter than an average gym goer?  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines fit as "sound physically and mentally". Based on that definition, which skills do crossfitters acquire which gymgoers perhaps do not have the opportunity to develop? What happens in the closed doors of a CrossFit gym seems to be radically different than in

Crossfitters: Not Your Usual Athletes

March 9, 2018
From what we see on social media and what is happening in the box, Crossfit does not produce your usual athlete.   Although it sounds like it is a lot of fun, it also requires an immense amount of effort and dedication. What differentiates a Crossfitter from another athlete? Why we, in our local box, can relate to the attitude of a professional Games athlete?    Crossfitters moan and grunt about the wod but they secretly crave th

Why Everyone Needs a Little Bit of CrossFit in their Lives

March 5, 2018
Gym members who watch our excitement during a workout announcement might think we are ridiculous. Runners are perhaps exhausted of hearing about WODs, AMRAPs, and EMOMs. Weightlifters cannot possibly bear to hear one more time 18 point...  We cannot even imagine what anyone outside of fitness really thinks of CrossFit and although it seems far-fetch that they would try a class one day and fall in love with it, we cannot help but wonder ho

When scaling is a better option than RX

February 25, 2018
Should I scale or should I go RX'd? That is a taunting question!   No, scaled division is not reserved to newcomers only. And it is not all black and white even when we are an experienced athlete.  So when should we chose to go for scaled movements or lower weights instead of the "real thing"?    Who defines the RX division's weights and movements?  First off, we need to understand who gets to pick the RX weights and movements. T

5 Mistakes to avoid during the Open

February 9, 2018
Excited by the fantastic atmosphere we know will unfold during Friday night lights, we anticipate the Open and have created mental check lists. Unsure if we are ready, we are yet eager to modify any aspect of our lives in order to do well. Whether or not we are able to get a muscle up during the next couple of weeks, we will decide to go RX or scaled.  The ultimate goal is to last the entire 5 weeks with the same motivation as when we started

How can sports massages complement our training routine?

February 2, 2018
We usually indulge into a massage to decompress or regain energy. The ones which we usually go for are typically deep tissue massages offered in spas. If these are beneficial to relax our bodies, an active gym member who works out several times a week needs more than overall relief.      Difference between a spa massage and a sport massage   During a spa massage- also called aromatherapy massage or deep tissues massage, the therapist

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