Can’t I just do the Open workouts without signing up?

January 26, 2018
  Right before the first Open announcement, some members believe that they don’t need to sign up. “It will be just fine”, “I am doing it for fun anyways”. They think that way because they are perhaps nervous, not confident enough to get through the entire five weeks, or a coach or another member maliciously drew a negative picture of the Open, stating that there was no point of signing up unless they were certain to go to Regional

So you want to try CrossFit?

January 18, 2018
    It only takes a phone call, an email, or a visit to our nearest CrossFit gym. The rest falls into place. For those of us who hesitate, weigh the pros and cons, or wish to know more before making the switch with their old gyms, here are is an introductory guide to CrossFit. What is it exactly? It is a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio exercises. The official definition is 'constantly varied functional moveme

Why should you trust your CrossFit gym programme?

December 29, 2017
The workout which appears each day on the white board or the screen of our phones is designed by the head coaches of the box. They create the programme weeks ahead with different realistic goals in mind for all the athletes. The ultimate objective is to provide technical and entertaining workouts. They seek long term improvements and short term satisfaction for all their members. Benefits of following the box programme  Freedom Although i

How to survive your CrossFit gym Christmas Break?

December 23, 2017
The gym will not be open on Christmas eve, AND Christmas day AND bank holiday AND only just a couple of hours the rest of the week AND on the 1st of January. Some of us are already thinking of quitting CrossFit, as we are dramatically looping the traditional I am going to lose all my gains motto in our heads. Others are using this opportunity to take break from everything a.k.a deciding on having a cheat meal week. While it is perfec

How to Grip in Weightlifting and Gymnastics

December 15, 2017
Before taking CrossFit classes, we had no idea there were so many different ways to grip a bar. The way we place our fingertips around either the barbell or the pull-up bar has an impact on the rest of the arm, shoulder and upper back. The main reason why we are looking for the most efficient manner to hold on to the bar is because it gets slippery and without an adequate fingertip position it can put us at risk especially when we are hanging

How to get excited about CrossFit in winter?

December 8, 2017
The box is becoming empty as we enter the month of December. Excitement is the last feeling inhabiting the gym especially when temperatures drop and the rain won't go away. Winter is not an easy time to keep our training consistent. Christmas parties start early in the month, at 4pm it is already night time, and all the foods and drinks look more appealing than ever. It is fine to skip a workout once in a while but when we start cancelling

Training for a marathon with CrossFit

December 1, 2017
  'Why would someone want to run when they are already doing CrossFit?' One might ask.   Sports can be mixed and matched. Some use strength training to enhance their gymnastics, others use Pilates to improve their flexibility. CrossFit is multi-disciplinary, covering gymnastics, weightlifting in an aerobic setting. It is not surprising then that crossfitters would want to test their skills in another activity. Perhaps it is

Keeping wrists mobile and healthy

November 27, 2017
We use our hands more than we would like to admit in CrossFit. We focus on working on shoulder, hip, and ankle mobility and we often omit to take care of our wrists. They are in use as soon as we rack the barbell, grip the kettle bell, grab the pull-up bar or get into a wall walk. Wrists are in alignment with the shoulders, arms, forearms and hands. All these body parts are inter-connected. When we think of taking care of our wrists, we want t

What is preventing from you progressing at CrossFit?

November 20, 2017
Beginnings in CrossFit are synonym of improvements, gains, and PRs. When we have been attending classes for a while, we often feel like reaching a plateau. Although we have mastered some of the progressions, we wonder how we are going to reach the next levels of CrossFit. With so much to work on and honestly little experience in the field, defeat can overtake us. In order to move fast from this stage, here are some signs which indicate that it

CrossFit: The Best Hour of Your Day

November 10, 2017
How can is an hour at our CrossFit gym become the best hour of our day? Work, school, children, meal prep, homework. When our days are filled with tasks, chores and obligation it is easy to become stuck in a spiralling routine. As much as we try to implement leisure and variety, sometimes it seems like we have tried to distract ourselves with everything and ended up committing to nothing! Some people say that working out is an efficient wa

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