Sat 24th feb

Sat 24th feb
Teams of three:
35 min amrap

15 syncro burpees
P.1 25 wall balls
P.2 amrap bike while p.1 does wall balls
P.3 hang from bar - if you drop every one stops
Switch till everyone has done the wall balls
Once through back to syncro burpees and start again

Friday 23rd

Friday 23rd
5 rounds for time
30/22 cal bike
30 wall balls
30 burpee to target
1 min rest

Tues 20th

Tues 20th
In pairs
2k row buy in
5 rounds
30 DB thrusters (20/12)
30 burpee over dB
30 box jumps
2k cash out

Tabata du
Tabata sit ups

Monday 19th

Monday 19th
50 wall balls
500m row
50 kb swing (24/16)
40 wb
400m row
40 kbs
30 wal balls
300m row
30 kbs
20 wall balls
200m row
20 kbs
10 wall balls
100m row
10 kbs

Bike sprints 20s on 40s rest x5
You shoukd be falling off the bike, don’t sandbag