Functional Bodybuilding

FBB August

August 10, 2019

11th August


warm-up in pairs:

a: me internal torque wb press

b: plank into wall walk



8-10 parallette push-up

6-8 z-press into

me db int. torque hold

40-60'' weighted plank


rest 15-30 sec. between exercises/60-90 sec. between sets


8/side filly press

me kb upright row

20m/side single arm oh/front rack carry 



me chin over bar hold/3 beautiful negatives

12-15 ring rows

20 lat pulldowns



8 minute AMRAP:

500 m row/ski

20 straight arm R

FBB July

July 6, 2019

7th July


movement: standing flow


set #1:

50-40-30-20-10 shoulder taps (go up the wall if possible)

25-20-15-10-5 banded lat pull-downs

*rest 1:1 after both


set #2:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 db push-ups

rest 20 seconds

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 renegade rows

rest 20 seconds


set #3:

30 meters x-body carry

5 box step-ups/side

30 meters x-body carry

5 lunges/side

200 meters run

rest 1 minute





FBB June

June 1, 2019

2nd June




40m dual kb front rack carry

15 scap push-ups

10 cals



12 minutes:

12 sidelying rotations/side

60 sec. plank

x3 (add weight)


3 hindu push-ups

30 sec. prone angel hold



20 sec. gate hold

20 sec. assisted opener (wall)




E3MOM x 4

16-20 alt db bench

me alt db bent over row



E3MOM x 4

me chin-ups/supinated ring rows (go with partner and assist)



May 4, 2019


5th May


movement: prone angels, 90/90's + shoulders, hip rotations


6 minute emom, 45 sec. work:

kb crossbody cossack squats

face pulls



8, 6, 5, 4, 3 banded deadlifts @ 41x2

6-8 supine/ring pull-ups 


rest 90 seconds


10 nordic curls

me rear delt flies (heavy)

12/8 cal ski


rest 60 seconds


finisher: plate jumping game



12th May



FBB April

April 4, 2019

session 1, vertical push/pull:


3 rounds:

10 calories

10 oh wb throws

10 pvc pipe prone oh press


10 minutes:

5 iso quadruped rotation/side 

5 thoracic bridges/side

10 anti-extension angels*

*partner holds thoracic extension on foam roller, once done, swap


4 sets:

10 half kneeling db press/side

max effort alternating db row (same weight)

rest 90 seconds


4 sets:

6 supinated grip pull-ups (w/20 seconds hold at the bottom when starting the set)

30 seconds wall-walk hold

rest 1 minute



max distance in remaining time of single arm

FBB March

March 1, 2019

1st session: upper body volume


warm-up: bands, rotator cuff focus


movement: standing torso rotations & leans


gvt style:

10 db floor press

10 plate flies

60 sec. rest




5 min. KB snatch test

rest 3 minutes

2 x tabata, rest 2 minutes between:

hangs & l-hangs


end range lats & pec iso stretches



2nd session: rotational focus


warm-up: chinese ball


movement: full lunge matrix


4 rounds not fot time:

20 single arm oh lunges

6 crossbody kn

FBB February

February 7, 2019


1st session:


kb drills warm-up


4 rounds (flow style):

12 one arm bench press
10 kb halos
8 rotational kb snatch
6 strict crossbody knee-to-elbow
4 one-arm push-ups
20m kb farmer's carry



2nd session:


quadruped walk forward, backward, sideways,
*10 hollow rocks between


3 rounds:
5 forearm plank arm extensions
8 low ring rows


5 minutes shoulder movem

FBB sessions January

December 30, 2018

1st session


10 minutes:

10 Burpees High Jump

ME Cuban Press (weaker arm - match number with other)

10 Single Arm Ring Rows (per arm)


a) Standing DB Strict Press build to 8 RM

4x8 @ 80% into 15-30 sec. Chin Over Bar Hold

Rest 90 sec.


b) 4 x Alternating DB Bent Over Row @ 22.5/15 kg

into 2 min. recovery pace PVC Strict Press

Rest 60 sec.


c) Strict Cindy (pairs, IGYG, try to go unbroken rounds, if not decrease reps, keep difficulty high)



2nd session


FBB Sessions December

December 2, 2018

1st session

3 rounds:
1 minute AB
10 ring rows
10 squats
10 broad jumps
10 single-leg glute bridges (per leg)
1 minute wall-sit w/arm slides (angels)


Superset A x 4/rest 90 sec.:
Suitcase RNT Reverse Lunge, 6-8/leg, 2020
Single Arm DB Upright Row, 6-8/arm, 3111


Superset B x 4/rest 90 sec.:
20 DB Walking Lunges (one db overhead, one on shoulder, 10 lunges/side)
Dual DB Row, minimum 10 reps, 2121
30-45 sec. Ring Plank


AMRAP 10 minutes:
40 m KB Front Rack Carry
10 KB FR Squats
20 m KB FR Lunges
40 m KB Farmers Carry
*try to go UB

2nd session:

Thera-band Shoulder Work

November FBB Sessions

November 22, 2018


1st session:



12 min. EMOM (up to 45 sec. of work):
Plank march
Active hang
Megaset A x 3/rest 90 sec.: 
DB glute bridge bench press; 21x2; 6-8 reps
Single arm ring-rows; 21x2; 6-8 per side

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