Functional Bodybuilding

FBB 9th February – 1st March

February 5, 2020

9th February

4 Sets - Control of each movement is most important. Keep loads light and really focus on
feeling what small muscles are working for you.

40m Dual Kettlebell Rack Carry rest 30sec 20 Banded Clamshells/side rest 30sec 15 Scapular
Push Ups rest 60sec

Dumbbell Bench Press
30X1; 6-8reps x 2 sets; 4-6reps x 2 sets; rest 45sec (Semi-supinated grip)

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

2111; 6-8reps/arm; rest 90sec x 4 sets

Supinated Ring Row
21X2; 6-10reps; rest 60sec x 3

Forearm Plank
45sec unbroken (add load to your back if 45sec feels easy); rest 60sec x 3

4 Sets Not for Time
40sec Wall Sit 12 Diamond Pus

FBB February

February 1, 2020

2nd February

3-4 Sets

10 SLB Knee Extensions/side (as high as possible, both knees locked)

60 sec Plank March

5 Inch Worms 


A) KB Walking Lunges 20m, 40m, 60m, 80m, rest 2 mins*

*challenge yourself/after each set (or if broken) - 20 narrow stance Goblet Squats;


B1) Strict Supinated Pull-up 31X2; 5-7 reps; rest 15 sec x 5 sets (sub with barbell pull-ups) 

B2) Jumping Lunges (unweighted) max effort in 60 sec; rest 60 sec x 5 sets


C) 10 min Continuous Grind

16 FR Goblet or DB Squats (unbroken)

8 Supinated Ring Rows (hold 1sec at t

Functional Body Building – January

January 4, 2020

5th January


3 Sets - Build load with each set of weighted movements. 

6-8/arm Half Kneeling Landmine Press (2111 tempo)

10 Side Planks Clamshell/side

10 Single Arm DB Powell Raise/arm

Flow through


Glute Bridge Dumbbell Bench Press
30X0; 6-8reps x 3 sets;
Bench Prone DB Flyes
21X1; 8-10reps x 3 sets;

20-30reps x 3 sets; rest 60 sec;

Box Step Up
(Dumbbells loaded at your sides) 10-12 Alternating Reps, x 3 sets;

False Grip Ring Row
2011; 8-12 reps, x 3 sets;

Functional Body Building – December

November 29, 2019

1th December




20/15 Calories
5 Inch Worms w/Push-Up
20 Wall Balls
60 sec. Wall-Sit w/Angels


A1) Glute Bridge Dumbbell Bench Press
30X0; 6-8reps


A2) Dual Dumbbell Bent Over Row
20X2; 6-8reps; rest 90sec x 4 sets


B1) Ring Face Pull
21X0; 10-12reps; 


B2) Chinese Plank
45-60 sec; rest 90sec x 4 sets


10 Paralette Push-Ups
30 sec. Supinated Grip Hang



FBB November

November 2, 2019

3rd November

40m dual kb front rack carry
15 scap push-ups
10/8 calories AB

B) 3 RNFT:
12 sidelying rotations/side
60 sec. plank
5 hindu press-ups (use paralettes for increased depth)

C) 4 sets:
16-20 alt db incline bench press (have 1-2 reps in the tank left)
me alt db bent over row @ 22.5/15kg

rest 60-90 sec.



15 goblet squats @ 32/24

60 sec. elbow plank

10 db curl and press

5 burpees over db


10th Nov

FBB October

October 5, 2019

6th October

4 minutes partner wb throws
gymnastic pushes 3×20 sec
t-spine kb opener#
4 sets:
6 half kneeling landimne press/side, 31×2
12 side plank rotations/side, add weight if possible
rest 60 seconds
3 sets:
8-12 db z-press,
8-12 dual db bent-over-rows
max effort

FBB September

September 1, 2019


1st September


3 rounds:

10/8 cal ski

10 plate squats

10 cal bike

10 plate halos in squat


4 sets:

10 landmine press

30-45 sec. iron db hold

50 meters plate pincers carry

rest 1 minute


4 sets:

60 sec. kb goblet wall-sit

20 kb lunges

60 sec. wall-sit

1-2 broad jumps

2 minutes rest

FBB August

August 10, 2019

11th August


warm-up in pairs:

a: me internal torque wb press

b: plank into wall walk



8-10 parallette push-up

6-8 z-press into

me db int. torque hold

40-60'' weighted plank


rest 15-30 sec. between exercises/60-90 sec. between sets


8/side filly press

me kb upright row

20m/side single arm oh/front rack carry 



me chin over bar hold/3 beautiful negatives

12-15 ring rows

20 lat pulldowns



8 minute AMRAP:

500 m row/ski

20 straight arm R

FBB July

July 6, 2019

7th July


movement: standing flow


set #1:

50-40-30-20-10 shoulder taps (go up the wall if possible)

25-20-15-10-5 banded lat pull-downs

*rest 1:1 after both


set #2:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 db push-ups

rest 20 seconds

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 renegade rows

rest 20 seconds


set #3:

30 meters x-body carry

5 box step-ups/side

30 meters x-body carry

5 lunges/side

200 meters run

rest 1 minute





FBB June

June 1, 2019

2nd June




40m dual kb front rack carry

15 scap push-ups

10 cals



12 minutes:

12 sidelying rotations/side

60 sec. plank

x3 (add weight)


3 hindu push-ups

30 sec. prone angel hold



20 sec. gate hold

20 sec. assisted opener (wall)




E3MOM x 4

16-20 alt db bench

me alt db bent over row



E3MOM x 4

me chin-ups/supinated ring rows (go with partner and assist)


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