Functional Bodybuilding

FBB Sessions December

December 2, 2018

1st session

3 rounds:
1 minute AB
10 ring rows
10 squats
10 broad jumps
10 single-leg glute bridges (per leg)
1 minute wall-sit w/arm slides (angels)


Superset A x 4/rest 90 sec.:
Suitcase RNT Reverse Lunge, 6-8/leg, 2020
Single Arm DB Upright Row, 6-8/arm, 3111


Superset B x 4/rest 90 sec.:
20 DB Walking Lunges (one db overhead, one on shoulder, 10 lunges/side)
Dual DB Row, minimum 10 reps, 2121
30-45 sec. Ring Plank


AMRAP 10 minutes:
40 m KB Front Rack Carry
10 KB FR Squats
20 m KB FR Lunges
40 m KB Farmers Carry
*try to go UB

2nd session:

Thera-band Shoulder Work

November FBB Sessions

November 22, 2018


1st session:



12 min. EMOM (up to 45 sec. of work):
Plank march
Active hang
Megaset A x 3/rest 90 sec.: 
DB glute bridge bench press; 21x2; 6-8 reps
Single arm ring-rows; 21x2; 6-8 per side

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