Weekly Gymnastics

Thursday gymnastics

September 25, 2018

Thursday Gymnastic skill

A.  Ring muscle up transition focus 
3x 5 floor Russian press ups 
3 x 10s banded hollow front support 
3 x 5-8 Band ring to hips pulls 
2 hips to ring pulls + 2 banded transitions -both with controlled negative
X 4 sets 
Jumping ring muscle ups 
Then either:
1. 20 muscle ups for time - focus is on form and quality rather than Wod ‘getting it done’
2. Choose one of the transition drills and accumulate 20 reps again, form and execution focus.
Long arm pulling strength 
3 x 3-5 ball ups and controlled downs 
3 x 6 tick tocks - going low as you can (this

Monday gymnastics

September 24, 2018


Ring complex:
3-6 strict ring pull ups (false grip is possible) 
20s ring support hold
3-6 ring dips
10s bottom of the dip hold on last dip
X 5 sets 
Add weight if needed 
90s - 2 min rest (those who have strict mu can perform muscle up on last rep of pull ups to get to ring support hold)
Quality movement 
Muscle up finisher after 6 sets: 
Accumulate 2 mins chin over the bar/rings to chest hold 
8min emom:
20s strict ttb (box behind feet to stop any kipping) form over reps 
Straight into 
15s L hang 
C. Co

Thursday Gymnastics

September 19, 2018


More kipping work - bar mu focus
Some technique work on bar muscle up kip -  specifically hips to bar and lat press down.
Few transition drills, jumping mu, kip jumping bar mu etc of choice
Every 90s for 9 mins 
Option 1: 3 bar muscle up - no chicken winging if you chicken, down an option 
Option 2: 1 assisted bar mu + 3-5 kip swings building hips to bar with press down 
Option 3: 3-5 kip swings + 3 transition drills
As ever, find an appropriate scaling/version that works your weakness the best!
Accessory finisher:
5 x 3-5strict c2b pull ups/banded c2b pull ups
B. Handstands press d

Monday gymnastics

September 17, 2018

Monday gymnastics: 

A. E2mom for 10 mins 
option 1:
1 ring to chest pull up + 1 muscle up with out dip + one full strict muscle up + 1 ring dip 
Option 2:
3 strict ring to chest pull ups + 1 assisted strict mu + 3 ring dips 
Option 3: pausing negatives
5s ring support + 5s bottom of the dip + 5s rings at chest + 5s hang 
(Find the appropriate option for you, form over hacking a rep up, if you are somewhere in between do a combination of the options)
B. Superset
On the rope:
5 strict knees to elbows with one hand on top, 5 strict k2e other hand on top 
2 lengths bear crawls - straight legs as poss 
60-90s rest 4 se

Thursday gymnastics 13th

September 13, 2018

A. Kipping warm up - controlling the kip! 

Every 2 mins x 10 
1 kip pull up + 1 kip ttb x5(stay on the bar) = 1set
B. Handstand walking drills, practice 
C. Conditioning
5 hollow hold+ 5 hollow rocks + 5s paralette l sit hold 
20s rest 
X 10 - each set add one second on to each move 
D. Partner back extensions - 5 back lifts, hold for 5s, 5 back lifts, hold for 5s - 2 sets
(One partner lying face down, other partner sat on their calves, keeping legs down)

Monday gymnastics

September 10, 2018


Handstand complex:
1 wall walk 
10 shoulder taps (these should be done slowly under control, shift body over to supporting had and then release Hand to tap) 
10s hold 
Walk down 
10 push ups
20s plank 
90-2 mins rest 
4 sets - add or take away reps as needed
Pausing ttb 
2 seconds at top, 
2 seconds feet 45degrees top
2 seconds 90degress
2 seconds in hang 
3-5 reps 
90s rest 4 sets 
If the pause is too much focus On a slowish controlled negative 
*as much compression and possible as oppose to just using the shoulders to push back*

Thursday gymnastics

September 5, 2018


A. Kipping pull ups/butterfly 
Kip swing drills/technique and warm up - legs together, squeezing butt, tight body positions 
Then 5 mins of Either kipping pull ups or butterfly, few mins of drills and warm up. 
Ascending emom.
start at x amount of reps then add on 1-2 reps each minute x 5 - repeat
1. 2 reps 
2. 4 reps 
3. 6 reps
4. 8 reps 
5. 10 reps 
Back to 2 and build again.(10 mins total)
Handstand hold work.
2-3 handstand drills then:
4x 45s handstand hold -
in centre with spotter if possible, perfect positions! Ankles, hips, shoulders wri

Monday 3rd

September 3, 2018


Build to a 3rm weighted pull up (8 mins)
Build to 3rm weighted box dips (8 mins) 
Emom alternating, 10mins
1. 3-5 pull ups at body weight
2. 3-5 box dips at body weight
Scales/ work negatives/hard ring rows/ holds etc
Wall walk + 30s hold (perfect positions please)
10 paralette pass throughs 
Rest 90s - 4 sets 
C. Conditioning 
Accumulate 30 candle stick to pistols 
After every 10 reps 
60s hollow hold 

Thursday 30th gymnastics

August 30, 2018

1. Bar muscle up:  warm up drills for all operation no chicken wings please! 

Those with a bar complex:                                    3 ttb+ 3 pull ups + 3 c2b + 3 bar mu               rest as needed - 5 sets, adjust reps as needed

those working towards: 

find a scaling option, light band, assisted, box jump over, strict pull up if strength is issue,   or just do bar mu                                             emom 7 - 1-3 reps

2. Find 3rm deficit kipping hspu (8 mins)   Then 5x 5 at rx standards                                  For those scaling kick up practise/negatives and box  hspu 



Thursday 23rd gymnastics

August 23, 2018

A. Ring muscle up strict+Kip

general drills and warm up 

emom 8: 2 strict mu + 2 kipping mu 

scales: negative .+ kip swings hips to rings 


Kipping hspu 

build up to 1rm deficit kipping hspu 

rest 5x 5 body weight/smaller deficit



60s hollow hold

45s superman hold 

30s nose to wall hs hold (count once in place) 

15s paralette l sit hold 

rest 60s x 3

1 2 3 4

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