Weekly Gymnastics

Gymnastics w/b 23rd Sep

September 23, 2019



3 x 10-15s false grip hang

3 x 10-15s 90degree pull hold

3 x 10-15s ring to chest hold

3 x 10-15s bottom dip hold

3 x 10-20s ring support hold

(For scale use low tings and small support from top toes)



3 x 1-3 strict mu/3x 3

strict ring pull up (false grip)/3 x 3

Monday 16th & Thursday 19th Sep

September 16, 2019



Rope pull up / ring plank hold superset

Option a.

From sitting keeping legs in straddle,

3 right hand on top into 3 left hand on top.

Option b.

Rope pull ups from standing.

Option c.

2-3 Pull ups from the bar/ 3 negatives

All options superset with

30-60s ring plank hold / norma

Monday 9th & Thursday 12th Sep

September 8, 2019


Spend time working though scaling options

Emom 15:

1: 5 weighted pull ups - last rep 10s hold over bar

2: 5 strict hspu (deficit is possible)

3: 10-15seconds short arm rope hang - 10s each hand on top

Scale option:

1: 1-3 pull ups + 10s hold chin over bar, or, 3s chin over bar bar + 5s negative x 2-3 reps

2: 10-15 push ups with best body position you can maintain

3: 5

Thursday 5th Sep

September 3, 2019




Kipping/pull ups

Level 1: (those with no or only 1-2 strict pull ups)

Every 2 mins on the min - 12 mins

2 strict pull ups (light band or negatives if no strict)

+ 10 perfect kip swings


Level2: (those with at least 3 strict pull ups and who are building their kipping pull ups)

Every 2 mins on the min - 12 mins

2 strict pull ups +5 kip swings + 5 kipping ttb/knees to chest

Monday 2nd September

September 2, 2019



 5 tempo pull ups:

5s hold bottom

5s hold top of head to bar

5s hold chin over bar

3s lower


10 barbel roll outs

90s-2 min rest

5 sets

*scale for pull ups, drop the holds to 3s, use a partner assist, can be performed at challenging ring row height*


Thursday 29th Aug

August 27, 2019


Ring muscle up emom: (kipping)

  1. 1 ring mu
  2. 2 ring mu
  3. 3 ring mu

12 mins

(Choose a rep scheme that challenges eg:

3,4,5 etc)


  1. 1 jumping mu + 1 strict pull up (on rings) +5 kip swings building hips to rings
  2. 1 jumping mu + 2 strict pull ups + kip swings hips2rings

Monday 19th & Thursday 22nd Aug

August 18, 2019


A. Emom: 15 mins 

  1. 5-8 strict hspu 
  2. 15 seated pike leg lifts per leg then 10 lifts legs together 
  3. 30s long arm rope hang (at the 15s change hand on top - try stay on the rope)

*if you cannot do the strict hspu onto a level surface, it’s box hspu or 3 controlled negatives  we don’t let you do half squats.... same principle*

B. Complex every 2 mins for 

12 mins 

3 knees to chest 

3 l

Thusday 15th August

August 15, 2019



For with competent mu: 

1 strict + 1 kip

1 strict + 2 kip 

Etc etc till you’d fail. 

Rest as needed. One you fail take about 3 mins rest 

Then ever 30s for 3 mins 1 strict + 1 kip 

Those close - some lightly assisted strict muscle ups - maybe some attempts even from flighty bent arm. 

Superset with 


Monday 12th August

August 11, 2019


Ever 3 mins - 15 mins 

5 weight pull ups - on last rep 15s chin over bar hold 


25 hollow rocks 

(20s hold if you cannot keep from) 




2 x 5 lying ttb with slow negative 

(Lie in hollow holding kb on floor above head, lift legs and compress to to a ‘ttb’ on floor, slow lower back down to hollow position, focus on slow controlled time under tension)

Thursday 8th July

August 8, 2019


Strict muscle ups:

Some static holds to warm up, 


False grip - 20s

Ring support - 20s 

Bottom dip - 15s

Rings to chest hold - 15s


Death by: dips

Minute 1: 1 strict muscle up 

Then each minute add an extra ring dip till you fail 

(Those with super strong muscle ups could start at a higher numbers, we ain’t got all day!) 

Once you hit failure rest 2/3 mins drop reps by 50% and do 3 more sets 


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