Weekly Gymnastics

Social distancing gymnastics! Mon 30th

March 29, 2020



4 Arch /hollow rolls

10 pike sit ups

10s push ups hover

X 3 rounds


Pike stretch

Cactus slides



1-5 ‘box’ hspu

1 leg lift + 5s  1 leg life + 5s


Handstands/floor conditioning

March 22, 2020

Handstands / gymnastics floor conditioning

Warm up

3 wall outs with 20s long arm plank hold

10 plank scrap shrugs

5 wrist circles each direction

X2 rounds

3 x 40s thoracic lengthener/flexibility

3 x 30s wall stretch  - focus on pressing upper back through and shoulders engage your abdominals


Floor conditioning:

Gymnastics (sorry it’s late!) 19th March

March 19, 2020



10-15mins of kipping technique focus:

Aiming for body tension,

Controlled swings

You can also drill butterfly for those already solid with kipping pu

Then 8 mins emom

5-10 reps of practice where you are at

Those with out strict: 5-6 kip swings + 1 negative pull up



Giant set


Monday 16th March

March 16, 2020

During the warm up go through some pistols scales and options:


5 x 3 -5  pull up with 3s pause at top ( please choose one spot in the rig, clean it before and after you use it and do not share stations)


20s long arm plank hold into amrap push ups

90-2 min rest

5 sets




Strict ttb/knee

Thursday 12th March

March 12, 2020

A. Handstands

10 mins handstand focused warm up/drills, alignment and shape drills

10 mins handstand hold technique of coaches choice

Finish with

5 mins max effort wall facing hs hold

In 5 mins accumulate as long as you can in a hs hold




1 scrap shrug + 1 strict knees to chest + 1 strict ttb + 1 ball up + max effort pull ups/light band pull ups/challenging ring rows

Monday 9th March

March 9, 2020


Prep/warm up:

20s dead hang into 20s active hang

30s low arm plank into 30s long arm plank

20m bear crawl

10 seated wall slides

X3 rounds




5 strict pull up in false grip

Last rep hold ring to chest 10s

Super set

5-8 deep ring rows

Thursday 5th March

March 5, 2020



Every 2 mins x 12 min

Option 1.

1 strict mu + 3 kipping (adjust reps as needed)

Option 2.

1 assisted strict mu + 3 low as poss humping ring mu

Op 3.

3 strict pull ups/light band/negatives

+ 3 box dips/negatives

(Adjust or mix and max these scales as needed for each athlete)


Monday 2nd March

March 2, 2020



One arm hangs - 3 sets of 5-10s per side,

Really pull down the shoulder to get active, slowly release and transfer to one arm



Pull up complex.

1 chin up

1 pull up

1 archer pull up

1 archer pull up (other side)

1 wide behind the neck pull up

1chin up - 10s chin

Thursday 27th Feb

February 27, 2020


Ring muscle up

Spend 10 mins drilling and working on kip swing- keeping tension in the swing, building towards a pull. Hood to rings

Choose a dynamic transition drill

Accumulate 10 reps

5 sets:


3 kipping ring mu- focus is your kip swing bring tight and effecient

60s rest - 6 rounds

Option 2:

5 kip swings + 3 transitio

Monday 24th feb

February 24, 2020



5 strict ttrings - try brings your feet just through the rings

60s rest

5 strict pull ups

90s  rest




Super set

10-8-6-4-2 deficit strict hspu (scale to feet on box/knees on box but still try add a deficit)

2-4-6-8-10 single arm bent over row (reps are per arm start heavy - drop weight as r

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