Weekly Gymnastics

Monday 17th & Thursday 20th

February 17, 2020



3 strict ttb, each rep 5s negative

- last rep hold in L sit for 10s


30s arch hold

90s rest

6 rounds




3 x 30s wall walk hold - go as close

In as form allows, focus on pushing the floor away, get tall!


Thursday 13th feb

February 13, 2020


Bar muscle up emom:

Find ana appropriate scale for your self after the past few weeks, eg: either bar mu/ jumping/ light band or a combo of strict pu + kip swings -

10 min emom

1-3 bar mu


B. Skill work

Handstand walk drills and skills

Those consistent practising changing direction, eg, walking turning around a wall ball


walking across the wall/ bo

Monday 10th

February 10, 2020



1 strict knees to chest

1 strict ttb

1 strict ttb right (feet outside of right hand)

1 strict ttb left

1 ball up

Lower down 90 degrees

Hold L sit 10s

90s rest - 5 rounds

Try control the lowering on each movement

If this is easy - 2 reps of each move


Thursday 6th Feb

February 6, 2020


A. Bar muscle ups

Drills and skills

Those with sting bar mu,

5 pu + 5 c2b + amrap bar mu

2 min rest - 4 rounds



Complex - on rings

1 strict knees to chest

1 strict ttb

1 full lift to skin the cat

Sloooooow co trolled Negative down

Monday 3rd Jan

February 3, 2020


Emom 15 mins

  1. 1-2 rope climbs (legless is possible)
  2. 40s of ring rows - find appropriate height that you can keep moving but challenging
  3. 40d arch hold
  4. Rest




Dragon flag hold

- Maintaining your hollow shape, lower to a challenging level and hold 15s - (try lift back up to finish rather than collapsing)

Thursday 30th Jan

January 30, 2020


Bar muscle up skills and drills

Skill work on bar muscle up

15-20 mins

Those already on confident none chicken wing bar mu, join the early drills as warm up


30 bar mu for time

10 min cap

This is o my for those who already have decent bar mu, if you can do a few stick to the skill work and practise for this week please




Monday 27th Jan

January 27, 2020


Giant set

6 pull ups on the rope (3 wight r hand on top, 3 with left hand on top)

10 perfect kip swings (on bar)

15 hollow body banded lat pull downs

90s - 2 minrest

4 rounds


10s per side short arm hang on the rope

60s rest

4 set



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Thursday 23rd Jan

January 23, 2020

A. Last week of strict Ring mu (for a bit anyway heheh)

3 x 15s false grip hang

3 x 3 false grip strict pull ups

3 x 10-15s deep bottom dip hold

3 x 3 transition drill (find a challenging one for you, from kneeling if you are working on positions, light banded, jump etc)

8 min emom

1-3 strict ring mu

Assisted/small jump/ 1-3 pull ups + 1-3 dips



Feet on b

Monday 20th

January 20, 2020


3 pull ups with 10s hold chin over the bar (weighted if needed)

30s rest

30hollow hold with pvc on band lat pull downs

90s rest

X 5 sets



5 box dips

(Weighted if needed)


60s as many push ups as possible

90s rest

X5 sets

Thursday 16th Jan

January 16, 2020


Strict muscle up:

Those with

3 strict muscle up with slow controlled negative: 3s to bottom of dip, 3s for transition, 3s to hang

Option 1:

3 jumping strict mu with slow controlled negative (use a spotter during the transition so this can be particularly controlled)

Option two:

3 kneeling muscle up focusing on hitting key positions + 3 negative ring pull ups



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