Weekly Gymnastics

Monday gymnastics

August 12, 2018


Alternating emom: 12 mins 
Odd: 5 c2b/ 5 strict pull ups/ 2 negatives (find appropriate level of movement)
Even: 5 box dips/negatives/support hold+push ups 
Accessory - accumulate 2 mins chin over the bar hold, and 2 mins ring support hold 
5 x 3-5 rower handstand slides small pause at the top of the movement and super controlled way down.
Use a spotter - keep shoulders over wrists, don’t go too far over wrists 
Accessory - 4 box circles each alternating direction. Stay stacked and active shoulders much as possible 
C. Conditioning 
20s hollow rocks

Monday&thursday gymnastics

August 6, 2018


A. Tempo pull ups:
Explosive pull, 2sec chin over bar, 3 second lower 
5x5 reps - add weight if needed 
scales:  light bands/ assisted/ challenging ring row
Accessory: 3x20 hollow body band lat pull down
1 push up+wall walk+15s hold+walk down+ push up
6 sets, each set add another push up at the start and end, if strong start on high push up reps 
(Form: only thing touching wall in wall wall hold should be toe nails! Super tight hollow bodies and active shoulders, don’t go all way in if you can’t hold shape) 
Accessory: 20 kick ups to the wall just a one/two second hold alternating legs 
C. Conditioning 
20 hollow rocks <

Thursday 2nd Aug

August 2, 2018


handstand work - Holds

assisted/try unassisted -no walking 


4x 45s nose to wall hold - scale the time time if form breaks 


Ttb efficiency drills:

tight snap with hips

active lat press down 

10 min alternative emom:

1.3-6 strict 

2. 5-12 kipping 

find challenging yet appropriate reps for you 



30s fish 

30s fish 

30s weighted hollow hold 

60s rest 


d. If time 

bridge stretch 

Monday gymnastics

July 30, 2018


2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2 (adjust reps up/down as needed or add deficit )
Strict hspu - rest as needed between sets 
(15 mins time cap - quality over sloppy movement)
4 x 45s wall facing hs hold 
15s chin over the bar hold 
+ max effort supinated ring rows
90s rest x 4 sets 
C. Conditioning 
30s paralette pass throughs not touching if possible 
15s rest 
30s v ups 
15s rest 
30s hollow hold
15s rest 
30s superman lifts
60s rest 

Monday & Thursday gymnastics

July 23, 2018

Monday :

a. Bar complex

1 knee raise

1 strict c2b/pull up

1 ttb

1 c2b/pu

1 strict ttb right and left 

1 c2b/pu

10s l hang 

10s swim legs 

(if this is easy you can double the reps of each movement) 90s rest 

5 sets 

b. 30-60 ring support hold with wrist turn out 

(form over time)

Straight into max effort ring dips/push ups 

90srest x 3


60s hollow hold 

30s fish right

30s fish left 

30s seated leg lifts 

30srest x3



a. Bar mu drills and attempts (15 mins)

finish with 5 min emom strict c2b pull ups 

- those with some warm up drills then 1 set max effor

Monday 16th & Thursday 19th gymnastics

July 16, 2018



3 strict c2b pull ups + 3 strict pull ups + 10s chin over bar hold + 10 ring rows 

90s rest x 4 sets

-scale options: strict chin ups+banded pull

ups+hols+ ring row,

- banded+chin over hold+ negative+ring rows 

find a reps scheme and movements that challenge you! 


30s -60s ring support hold with turn out - every 10s 1 strict ring dip 

scale- 30s ring support hold + negative + 5 super strict push ups 

60s rest x5


60s hollow hold 

30s v ups 

2 lengths bear crawl 

x 3 sets 

d. If time 

Tabata bicep curls - no swinging around 



a. Bar muscle ups drills 

& emom 7

Monday 9th & Thursday 12th

July 9, 2018


60s nose to wall has hold (form over time reduce time if you loose form) 
Into max effort ring dips/push ups (again quality over reps) 
Into 2 lengths bear crawl 
90-2 mins rest 
4 sets
Every 30s x 10 mins 
1-3 strict c2b pull ups
pull-ups/1 negative every 60s / 3challenging ring rows
C. Conditioning 
60s hollow hold 
60s arch hold 
60s rest 
30s hh 
30s ah 
30s rest 
D. If time
50 seated leg lifts over kb 

Thursday 5th

July 5, 2018


a. Ring mu work

10mins working strict drills/strict mu 

10mins working kipping drills/kipping mu



Lat work #everydayislatday


c. Conditioning 

15 hollow rocks to lsit pops 

30s plank

30s reverse plank

30s nose to wall hs hold 



Monday 2nd july

July 2, 2018


Every 3 mins: 
8 strict pulls ups 
8 strict ring dips 
5 barbell roll outs 
(Add or take away reps as needed - no more than green band for assist, negatives/partner assist/ring row mix 
- add weight if needed) 
X 5
Hanging around the worlds 
 8 sets of 3 reps (1 rep is right+left)
Rest roughly 60s 
C. 8 min amrap - for quality 
2 lengths bear crawl 
10- 15 of the most perfect push ups, if you snake. You rest. 
30s hollow hold 
D. If time 

Monday 25th & Thursday 28th

June 25, 2018


A. Max effort strict pull ups straight into max effort kipping pull ups (c2b for rx+) 
2 mins rest 
5 sets at 50% eg: max effort was 10&20
50% 5&10.
90s rest
Those with no kipping can focus on efficient kip swings and Band/negatives for strict 
B. 8 min emom
 Dragon flag lift, lower down to a challenging distance and hold 10s - maintain your best hollow. 
C. 50 strict hspu 
Every 2 mins 40s hollow hold
(12 min cap) 
Scale to mixture of negatives & box/normal push ups 
Form over ‘getting it done’ 

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