Weekly Gymnastics

Monday 20th & Thursday 23rd May

May 19, 2019


Pull ups:
3s active hang + pull up + 3s chin over the bar + lower down to half way hold 3s + lower down to hang = 1 rep x 3-5 reps 
Add weight if ‘easy’ 
Can be performed in chin up grip 
Light band
Challenging ring rows 
90s-2 min rest x 5 sets 
3 sets max effort hollow body light banded lat pull down 
3 x wall walks + 20s hold - focus on strong line and active shoulders pushing away 
10 kick ups on each leg - to a partner in middle If comfortable or against wall 
4 box circle walks - for everyone, no hswalking. Change direction each one. Stay close in to the box as possible.

Monday 13th & Thursday 16th May

May 12, 2019


Tempo pull ups/b light band of challenging ring rows for scales.
Pull up + 10s chin over the bar hold + 5s lower x 3 reps 
30s ring support hold/box support 
90s rest 
Dragon flag - some time on technique
Then accumulate 10-15 dragon flag lifts and lowers under control. 
10 mins 
10-15s band resisted push ups 
20m double kb oh carry 
30 mountain climbers
20 tuck/v ups 
60s rest x 3
D. If time partner shoulder stretch. 
A. Kip

Thursday 9th May

May 9, 2019


Handstand hold/endurance:
Some technique work 
4 x 30-40s assisted/wall walk and hold 
Some practise kicking up holding in the centre no spotter
Pull over complex:
1 strict ttb + 1 pull up + 1 pull over + 1 slow negative back to hang + 1 pull up + 1 ttb
4 sets 
Scaling: break this down spend time on pull over technique and super set with some strict pull ups and ttb
5 parallette pas throughs (use low boxes or stacked plates if no parallettes - through and back is 1 reps)
10-20 push ups
60s hollow hold 
60s rest 

Thursday 2nd May

May 2, 2019

A. 10 mins strict mu drills 

5 mins accumulate as many strict mu as possible. 
These can be from the knees/jumping/assisted 
3 wall walks and 20s hold
10 kick up to hanstdands on each leg 
5 mins strict handstand push-ups/box push ups/
10s on 20s rest hanging L sit 
10s on 20s rest chin over bar hold 
10s on 20s rest hollow rocks 
2 min rest 
Repeat (if tome low repeat but just 2 rounds of each) 

Monday 29th April

April 28, 2019


10 sets: 
3 pull ups - weighted if possible 
3 box dips - weighted if possible 
60s rest 
3 -5 hanging ball ups, each rep lower down slowly and controlled, on last rep lower to L Sit/tuck hold 10s 
20 seated pike leg lifts
4 sets 
20seconds long arm hang on the rope (hands on top of each other) 
Right side 
2 lengths bear crawl 
20s long arm hang on rope left 
2 lengths double kb oh carry - heavy as possible focus on super active shoulders and keeping ribs in. 
3 rounds rest as needed 

Thursday 25th

April 25, 2019


Strict muscle up focus: 
3 x 15s rings to chest hold 
3 x 15s 90 degree hold 
3 x 3 banded transition drills 
(Those who can, no band transitions rocks in and out) 
10 strict muscle ups 
10 jumping muscle up - focus on moving through good pathway 
Wall walk 1/4 turns 
Wall walk, 1/4 turn to handstand + 20s hold 
3 each way 
10 hollow rocks 
10s hollow h

Monday 15th & Thursday 18th

April 14, 2019


5 pull ups (weighted if possible)/3 negatives 
Max effort ring rows (find a height and scaling you can get 10-20 reps) 
90s-2 min rest 
5 sets 
B. Every 2 mins - 12 mins 
5-10 box hspu (add deficit to increase difficulty everyone on the box- focus in on stacked wrist/shoulders/hips and creativity tripod at the bottom) 
On last rep hold in pike for 10-20seconds 
C. 12 min emom 
1. 30s hollow hold 
2. 20 seated leg lifts 
3. 30s reverse plank hold 
D. If time hamstring stretch 
Thursday: <

Thursday 11th April

April 11, 2019


Handstand work:
Hs warm up:
10sec Box pike handstand hold 
5sec one leg lift 
5sec other leg lift 
10sec box pike hs hold 
60-90s rest 
3 sets 
5 x 30-40s handstand holds - ideally in centre with spotter 
Against wall if needed 
Wall walk if no kick up 
1 ring pull up 
1 strict mu 
1 dip 
1 pull up 
10s l sit hold 
Weighted if possible 
5 sets rest as needed 
60s weight long arm plank hold 
30s fish 
30s fish

Monday 8th April

April 7, 2019


A. Tempo strict hspu/box hspu/knees on box/push ups 
5second lower 
Straight up 
5 -8 reps 
90s rest 
5 sets 
Use the appropriate scale where you can stick to tempo and complete at least 5 reps one ab mat max, ideally should be with 15kg plates/straight to floor.
3 x 30-40s feet On box pike holds 60s rest. 
Focus - getting hips stacked over shoulders as much as possible, pushing floor away bonus hamstring stretch for some!!! 
15s false grip hang 
10 false grip ring rows 
15s ring support hold 
10s bottom dip hold

Thursday 4th

April 2, 2019


Ring swing - straight legs and long lines 
Swinging with something between the legs 
Try toes to rings - focus on tight body shapes and line. 
3 ttb + 3 kipp muscle up/ hips to rings 
4 sets 90s rest 
Rope climbs 12 mins of technique and practise. Those with strong try legless all the way up, from seated and down. Accumulate reps. 
Foot wraps
From Seated straddle 
Candle stick to handstand 
Accumulate 20 reps 
Hollow rocks 
Accumulate 100 reps 
Active hang 
Accumulate 2 mins

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