Weekly Gymnastics

Monday 2nd july

July 2, 2018


Every 3 mins: 
8 strict pulls ups 
8 strict ring dips 
5 barbell roll outs 
(Add or take away reps as needed - no more than green band for assist, negatives/partner assist/ring row mix 
- add weight if needed) 
X 5
Hanging around the worlds 
 8 sets of 3 reps (1 rep is right+left)
Rest roughly 60s 
C. 8 min amrap - for quality 
2 lengths bear crawl 
10- 15 of the most perfect push ups, if you snake. You rest. 
30s hollow hold 
D. If time 

Monday 25th & Thursday 28th

June 25, 2018


A. Max effort strict pull ups straight into max effort kipping pull ups (c2b for rx+) 
2 mins rest 
5 sets at 50% eg: max effort was 10&20
50% 5&10.
90s rest
Those with no kipping can focus on efficient kip swings and Band/negatives for strict 
B. 8 min emom
 Dragon flag lift, lower down to a challenging distance and hold 10s - maintain your best hollow. 
C. 50 strict hspu 
Every 2 mins 40s hollow hold
(12 min cap) 
Scale to mixture of negatives & box/normal push ups 
Form over ‘getting it done’ 

Monday 18th – 24th

June 18, 2018


In warm up include some kip swings with sponge/tshirt between feet 
Pull up superset:
5 - 10 strict pull ups 
Straight into max effort ring rows (at height you can get at least 10 but still challenging) 
90s mins rest 
5 sets 
Push super lset:
5-10 string ring dips/box dips 
Straight into max effort push ups 
90s mins rest 
5 sets 
30s on 30s rest x 5
Single leg v up 
Single leg v up 
V up 
Straddle up 

Wb – Monday 11th

June 10, 2018


Emom 20:
1. 5 strict pull ups (weighted)
2. 5 ring/box dips (weighted)
3. 5-10 strict ttb
4. 5-10 strict hspu 
you may drop a
Rep or so by the end of the emom - try challenge yourself 
20s paralette L sit hold/tuck hold - use boxes is no paralettes 
Max effort dB stoh z press
60s rest 
X 5rounds 
10 crunches
10 v-ups
20s hollow hold 
10 hollow rocks 
60s rest x5 
A. Ring muscle ups 
3 x 10s false grip hang<

Thursday 7th

June 7, 2018

Lat strength:

ttb - looking for as much compression as possible 

single arm ttb with assist


front lever



1 length handstand walk or scale

5 strict hspu (more is needed)

into max kipping hspu/box hspu

90s rest 4 sets



12 Plyo push ups 

10 candle sticks to pistol 

30s hollow




Monday 4th

June 4, 2018


Build to heaviest weighted strict muscle up/pull up 

then 8 min emom

3 reps at body weight of mu/pull up


Max effort ring dips straight into 

max effort push ups straight into 

max effort forearm plank hold 

2 mins rest 4 sets 


c. Conditioning 

10-15 perfect kip swings (lat engagement and press down, feet together, squeeze butt etc) 

5 strict ttb 

20s l hand/basket hang - try stay on bar for all these

30s hollow hold 

60s rest 



d. If time 

100 seated pike leg lifts



Thursday 31st

May 31, 2018

Thursday 31st:

a.  Bar muscle drills 

20 mins - quality movements!!!


emom 5: strict c2b / 3-5 c2b

reverse tabata chin over bar hold



Handstand hold

warm Up and drills then 

60s spotted handstand hold

60s rest x 4 

if form really drops decrease time 


c. Conditioning

60s active hang on bar 

60s perfect push ups 

60s hollow hold 

60s rest 



d. If time 

bridge stretches 

Monday 21st & Thursday 28th

May 20, 2018


5 strict ttb + 5 kipping ttb + 5 lying ttb + 20s hollow hold 
90s rest 
6 sets - add/take away reps as needed. If ttb are super easy for you - try it with a 3kg wall
8 mins to find 
3rm box dip
10min EMOM 
5 reps body weight, or 30-40% of 3rm
Conditioning 10 min amrap
1 legless rope climb 
30-60s ring plank hold into max effort ring push ups 
12 pistols 
Quality over rounds peeps 
D. If time partner shoulder/upper back stretches 

Monday 14- Sunday 20th

May 14, 2018

Monday 14th:

super set: 

5 strict ring pull ups - false grip if possible 

5 strict ring dips 

5 push ups Russian dips 

90s rest  - 5 sets 

adjust weights accordingly, add weight if needed 



Every 90s:

10s active hang+ 5 strict ttb + 5-10 kipping ttb 

X 6 


accesory: accumulate 10 dragon flag lift and lowers - keep the shape tight!!! 


C. Conditioning 

60 seconds hollow hold 

60s bear crawl 

60s pvc pass through v ups 

x 9 mins 


d. If time 

partner straddle stretch 



a. Kipping pull up/butterfly pull ups drills, 10/12 mins 

Thursday 10th gymnastics

May 10, 2018

A. Warm 

Kipping shapes 

kip swing 



1 Strict ring mu + 2-5 kipping mu every 2mins x 5

those without will work muscle up negatives 

and transition drills 


c. Conditioning 

max effort long arm rope hang (r hand on top)

straight into 15 v ups

striaght into 20 hollow rocks 

x 4 


d. If time

accumulate 3 mins in a perfect wall walk hold 

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