Weekly Gymnastics

Monday 15th July

July 15, 2019



60s ring support hold, every 10s perform 1 ring dip (starts and ends with a ring dip)

Scale options

Every 20s As scale

Box dips

Long arm plank + push ups


Amrap reps

Horizontal ring rows (looking for 10+ so scale as needed)

90s rest

5 sets


Thursday 11th July

July 11, 2019

A. Alternating emom

  1. 1-2 seated legless rope climbs
  2. 10-20m handstand walk
  3. Rest

15 mins


B. Some general kip drills, include some butterfly for those already proficient at conventional kip.

10 min emom:

3 strict pull ups + 10 kipping

Adjust as needed, use the time for generally practise if not quite there with kipping,

C2b op

Monday 8th july

July 7, 2019

A. Emom 15

  1. 1-3 rope climbs
  2. 30s active hang (bar)
  3. 20 v ups

* scale up Or down as fit, legless rope climb/1 legless one assisted/rope pull ups etc*


B. Candle stick to handstand

1 candlestick pistols to 10m handstand walk

Repeat on other leg to 10m handstand walk

Rest as needed

X 3-4 sets

Thursday 4th

July 4, 2019


1 legless rope climb straight into 1 foot assisted rope climb.

2 min rest x 3

Some play with legless variations




Those who are newer to rope climb spend time learning the foot wraps and practise!

A1. 20 second long arm hang right arm on top (arms extended over head long as possible and hands directly on top of each other try keep hollow)


Monday 1st July

June 30, 2019



Super set:

3 pull ups on the rope per side straight into legless/rope climb


10-20 push ups (band resisted to increase difficulty)

90s rest

5 sets



B. (10 mins)

Accumulate 10 -15 dragon flag lift and lowers




50 hollow

Thursday 27th

June 27, 2019


One more week of bar muscle up drills.

10 mins warm up and scales

10 min emom:

3-5 bar muscle ups

Light band/assisted

Appropriate scale eg:

3 jumping bar mu + 3 strict pull up

B. Handstand work:

Wrist warm up

2 x 5 Wall pull backs

2 x 5 knee slides

Monday 24th

June 23, 2019


Coach some

Pistols warm ups again this week


3 x 10s false grip hang

3 x 10s rings to chest hold (top of pull up)

3 x10s bottom dip hold

3 x 10s ring support hold


3 supersets of:

5 ring pull ups (ideally false grip)

5 strict ring dips

Thursday 20th

June 20, 2019



Continuing from last week, bar muscle

Ups skills and drill, focus with strong lat press down.

2 x 20 banded hollow body last press


3 sets of kipp swings with press down building hips to bar (straight arms)

General skills and drills

Those with strong bar muscle ups

1 set death by muscle up (emom add one bar mu)


Monday 17th

June 16, 2019


Coach - in the warm up include some leg/squat/pistol warm ups


Every 2 mins for 12 mins:

Bar complex:

1 knees to chest

1 ttb

1 pull ups

10s chin over the bar hold

10s L hang

All movements should be performed under control with a focus on time under tension and good movement. Double up reps to add difficulty or scale/ass

Monday 10th, Thursday 13th

June 9, 2019



8 mins to find

3rm weighted chin up (or hardest scaling)

8 mins to find

3 rm weight box dip (or hardest scaling)

Then 3 x superset of:

10 challenging ring rows

10 push ups (ring push ups to increase difficulty - no worming  bodies)

90s rest

B. Every 2 mins for 10 mins

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