Weekly Gymnastics

Monday & Thursday gymnastics

December 2, 2018


Alternating emom:
1. 5 strict ttb 
2. 5 strict c2b
*reps are guidelines, add or subtract where needed - zero kipping!!*
3 x 20s floor handstand drills - pushing partner
Wall walk + hold 60s 
Ww + hold 50s 
Ww + hold 40s 
Again guidelines on time, form over holding longer, active shoulders driving away is the focus, right body shape. 
45s ring plank hold 
60s rest
10 -15 ring push ups/push ups 
60s rest
60s hollow hold 

Thursday 29th Nov

November 28, 2018

Lat activation warm up:

2x 10 hollow body banded pull down 
2 x 10 low bar wall ball drives 
2 x 10second partner pvc resistance 
10 mins bar muscle up drills/warm up 
Then either: 
4 sets of: 5 kipping pull ups + 5 c2b + 5 bar muscle ups (scale
To 3s)
5 sets of 3 either jumping muscle ups/light band (no more than red) spotted/assisted 
Pull over (or an up and over in my world!)
10-12 mins of technique/practise/play
Coach - have some bars secured to the rig for those who want to try lower 
C. Time permitting
Static hold conditioning -

Monday 26th Nov

November 26, 2018


Strict tempo ttb:
Straight up, pause 2 seconds toes at the bar, lower down 3 seconds.
Every 2 mins 3-5 reps - form form
Form! No sneaky kipping and as much compression as possible 
10 minutes. 
4 rounds 
5-10 box dips 
2 lengths bear crawl 
60 seconds rest 
C. 4 rounds for quality 
12 perfect kip swings - feet together, legs straight and squeezed, active positions
10 perfect push ups 
20 hollow rocks 
20 second hollow hold

Thursday 22nd Nov

November 22, 2018


Bar muscle ups drills and skills:
Light band 
Kipping drills etc
For those with good bar muscle ups, complex challenge: 
1 ttb +1 pull up+ 1 c2b + 3 bar muscle ups 
Every 2 mins x 5
Static holds conditioning:
15-20s in each position - try not to rest too long between movements. Aim for 20 but if form breaks/come down at 15.
Top of ttb - or knees into chest 
Chin over the bar hold
Ring support hold
Bottom of the dip 
Paralettes L sit 
Hollow body hold 
60s rest 
3 rounds 

Monday 19th Nov

November 19, 2018

Monday :

5 weighted strict pull ups
5 weighted box dips 
90s rest 
5 ball ups 
5 strict ttb
5 strict knees to chest 
20 second basket hang 
4 sets
2 lengths bear crawl 
30s ring support hold 
30 hollow rocks 
4 rounds for quality 

Week beginning 12th November

November 11, 2018

Test week! 

Max effort 
5 mins to find Strict pull ups
5 mins to find Strict hspu/kipping/push ups
5 mins to find Hollow hold - once form goes - you finish!
Emom 20:
1:  40% of pull ups reps
2:  40% of hspu/push ups reps 
3: 30-45 second hollow hold
20 pistols 
10 strict knees to elbows
60 seconds superman hold
4 rounds for quality 
12 mins cap 
5 min max effort muscle ups bar or ring - (for scale max effort holds in key positions or try assisted mu)

Thursday 8th Nov

November 7, 2018


Bar muscle up drills and skills! 
Then accumulate 15-20 reps of either bar muscle ups or a scale/drill of choice
(8 mins) 
1 length handstand walk
16 shoulder taps (in wall walk position)
1 circle box walk 
90s rest
5 sets 
*this is a guide, find 3 handstand walk variations and scales ranging in difficult to ‘easier)* as always form and control are focus
5 strict c2b pull ups 
10 ring dips/push ups 
20s hollow hold 
30s long arm plank hold 
60s rest 
X 4

Monday 5th November

November 5, 2018
Emom 20

1. 5 strict rings to chest pull ups

2. 5 strict ring dips 
3. 15-20s ring to chest hold 
4. 5- 10 box Russian dips - feet assisted or not 
5. Rest
*reps are guidelines, choose a rep scheme that is challenging but you can hold throughout*
5 strict ttb + 5 perfect kip swings (with exaggerated lat press down)+ 5 kipping ttb 
60s rest x 6 sets
*focus points - straight legs, lots of compression, active shapes*
C. Conditioning IGYG with a partner
With a partner - 1 length piked wheelbarrow walk
20 renegade rows (10 per arm)
40s hollow hold 
3-4 rounds ti

Thursday 1st Nov

November 1, 2018


Handstands - shapes and lifts
1. Tuck ups
Straddle straddle up
Pike up 
Try 5-10 of each, ideally in the middle with a spotter, or against wall. 
Spotters try grab the hips and help lift! 
5x 3-5 rower lifts 
- active shoulder drive and as much compression as possible, try not to let she shoulders go past the wrists too much. 
Handstand finisher: 1 max effort wall walk and hold 
5 strict toes to rings 
10s ring l sit hang
10s flutter legs 
60-90s rest x 5
(looking for as much compression as possible on toes to ring not just

Monday 29th October

October 29, 2018

A. 15 mins:

1 paralette push up + 1 paralette shoot through (without putting feet down at front if possible, scale- feet down at front, 1 shoot though is forward and back) 
4+4 ... 
building up to 10+10 
If you finish easily the 10+10 make your way back down the ladder. 
Rest as needed- 60s max ideally
Archer pull ups rings 
5 x 3 reps (1 per side = 1 Rep) 
10 hollow band lat pull downs 
10 ring support leg lifts 
10strict ttb/high as possible 
60s rest 
4 rounds 
If time

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