Weekly Gymnastics

Monday 15th

October 15, 2018

A. Max effort ring row -

(as horizontal as possible, your max effort should be 20+ reps really go till you properly fizzle. Soon as you loose form/ loose rom stop, no humping)
3 mins rest
4x 40-50% of reps 90s rest 
B.super set 
1 wall walk + 20s hold - perfect form
Max effort box dips/push ups 
X 4 sets 2 mins rest 
C. Conditioning 
I go you go: 
30s hollow hold with partner resistance (partner pressing your feet down to ground/you resisting against)
3 sets each 
I go you go: 
15- 20 leg pushes 
3 each 
I go you go:
Hanging L sit/basket han

Thursday 10th Oct

October 10, 2018


Some strict muscle up technique work, 10-15 mins

In 5 mins accumulate as many strict muscle ups as possible
As many jumping ring mu as possible, have arms as straight as possible for more difficulty 
As many kneeling reps/scale of choice 
B. Headstands 
Some technical work and practise tuck, straddle, pike lifts 
3x 10 lifts in pike - try not to touch the floor bottom of each rep.
Scale to tuck/ just practise lifting and holding 
Those really competent can try having 3kg ball between legs 
C. Conditioning 
60s hollow hold
60s superman lifts
30s star plank

Monday gymnastics

October 8, 2018


Warm up with some banded hollow lat pull down 
Mermaid rolls 
Wall slides 
A. Emom 15
1. 3-8 pulls ups (add weight if needed)
2. 3-8 box dips (add weight if needed)
3. 30s hollow hold 
B. Strict toes to rings
Today, as much compression of the body as possible rather than just pressing with shoulders first. 
5 x 5 strict toes to rings - use spotters to assist 
Those with strong reps can add a 3second pause at the rope
C. Conditioning 
5 textbook wall walks 
10 dB z press heavy as form allows
25 hollow rocks 
60s rest 

Thursday gymnastics 4th October

October 3, 2018

A. Ring kip focus 

Small swings 
Swing to hollow with lat press (straight arms) 
Swings with ring pull to hips 
Spend time working on technique of our swing, tight positions, active ring engagements. 
Try some swings with something between legs, can you stay active. 
Then those with mu will try 5 min emom 2-5 reps while keeping something between legs!! 
Those with out, 
3 Strict rig to chest pull ups 
5 kip swings on rings x4 sets 
B. Wall walk Handstand half turn holds
5 sets of walk walk, 1/4 turn 10-15s hold
If this is ‘easy’ add a some shoulder taps in during hold

Monday gymnastics 1st October

October 1, 2018

A. Pulling strength.

Max effort strict c2b
Straight into 
max effort strict pull ups 
Straight into 
Max effort rig rows 
(Or find three variations varying from hard to easier - 
eg. Max strict ring mu, max ring to chest pull ups, max rig row. Or:
Max banded pull ups, max ring row, max rings to chest hold)
2 mins rest x 3
Push strength:
Max effort push ups straight into 30-60s long arm plank hold
90s rest x 3
Tight form, no saggy hips!
B. Go through some candle stick roll to pistols 
Accumulate 20-30 good reps, alternating legs 
If you can’t do pi

Thursday gymnastics

September 25, 2018

Thursday Gymnastic skill

A.  Ring muscle up transition focus 
3x 5 floor Russian press ups 
3 x 10s banded hollow front support 
3 x 5-8 Band ring to hips pulls 
2 hips to ring pulls + 2 banded transitions -both with controlled negative
X 4 sets 
Jumping ring muscle ups 
Then either:
1. 20 muscle ups for time - focus is on form and quality rather than Wod ‘getting it done’
2. Choose one of the transition drills and accumulate 20 reps again, form and execution focus.
Long arm pulling strength 
3 x 3-5 ball ups and controlled downs 
3 x 6 tick tocks - going low as you can (this

Monday gymnastics

September 24, 2018


Ring complex:
3-6 strict ring pull ups (false grip is possible) 
20s ring support hold
3-6 ring dips
10s bottom of the dip hold on last dip
X 5 sets 
Add weight if needed 
90s - 2 min rest (those who have strict mu can perform muscle up on last rep of pull ups to get to ring support hold)
Quality movement 
Muscle up finisher after 6 sets: 
Accumulate 2 mins chin over the bar/rings to chest hold 
8min emom:
20s strict ttb (box behind feet to stop any kipping) form over reps 
Straight into 
15s L hang 
C. Co

Thursday Gymnastics

September 19, 2018


More kipping work - bar mu focus
Some technique work on bar muscle up kip -  specifically hips to bar and lat press down.
Few transition drills, jumping mu, kip jumping bar mu etc of choice
Every 90s for 9 mins 
Option 1: 3 bar muscle up - no chicken winging if you chicken, down an option 
Option 2: 1 assisted bar mu + 3-5 kip swings building hips to bar with press down 
Option 3: 3-5 kip swings + 3 transition drills
As ever, find an appropriate scaling/version that works your weakness the best!
Accessory finisher:
5 x 3-5strict c2b pull ups/banded c2b pull ups
B. Handstands press d

Monday gymnastics

September 17, 2018

Monday gymnastics: 

A. E2mom for 10 mins 
option 1:
1 ring to chest pull up + 1 muscle up with out dip + one full strict muscle up + 1 ring dip 
Option 2:
3 strict ring to chest pull ups + 1 assisted strict mu + 3 ring dips 
Option 3: pausing negatives
5s ring support + 5s bottom of the dip + 5s rings at chest + 5s hang 
(Find the appropriate option for you, form over hacking a rep up, if you are somewhere in between do a combination of the options)
B. Superset
On the rope:
5 strict knees to elbows with one hand on top, 5 strict k2e other hand on top 
2 lengths bear crawls - straight legs as poss 
60-90s rest 4 se

Thursday gymnastics 13th

September 13, 2018

A. Kipping warm up - controlling the kip! 

Every 2 mins x 10 
1 kip pull up + 1 kip ttb x5(stay on the bar) = 1set
B. Handstand walking drills, practice 
C. Conditioning
5 hollow hold+ 5 hollow rocks + 5s paralette l sit hold 
20s rest 
X 10 - each set add one second on to each move 
D. Partner back extensions - 5 back lifts, hold for 5s, 5 back lifts, hold for 5s - 2 sets
(One partner lying face down, other partner sat on their calves, keeping legs down)

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