Weekly Gymnastics

Monday & Thursday

February 17, 2019


Alternating emom 12 mins: 
1. 5 strict pull ups
2. 5 strict ttb 
Super set:
Max effort ring dips 
Straight into 
Max effort push ups 
Straight into 
Max effort ring support hold/ring plank hold/plank hold 
2 mins rest 
(Scaling: find 3 scales appropriate where scaling goes from hardest to easier) 
X 3 sets 
10 perfect kip swings 
10 kipping ttb/knee raises 
20s hanging L sit hold 
60s rest 
D. If time partner hamstring stretch 

Monday & Thursday

February 10, 2019


Built to a 3rm pull up (no more than 3 attempts)
Then 10x3-5 @ body weight 60s rest 
Scale: find lightest band 3rm - come to a dead stop between each rep. 
Then either:
10 negatives 60s rest 
10 x 1-2 reps with spotter 
Or discuss with coach appropriate scale
B. Super set:
45s wall facing handstand hold 
20 v ups 
2 min rest 
(Scale the wall facing hold if you can’t maintain form - feet on box pike hold)
X 4 rounds 
C. Conditioning
3- 5 ball ups/knees to chest strict
10 perfect kip swings (ideally have something to squeeze between feet) 

Monday and Thursday

February 4, 2019


1 strict ttb + 5 second lower x 3reps. 
5 sets. If unable to do multiple reps accumulate 10-12 reps of good quality. 
Scale: use spotters, knees to chest. 
A.1. Finish with 30 lying ttb with KB 
Every 2 mins x5 
Wall facing strict Hspu. 
Wall walk + 3 strict hspu + 20s wall walk hold.
If unable to do hspu, (no double ab mats people) 5 box/piked hspu + 20s wall walk hold 
30s ring support hold 
30s hollow hold 
30s reverse plank hold 
30s dB z press overhead hold. 
(10s between each move) 
3 ro

Monday28th & Thursday31st

January 27, 2019


Every 2 mins:
False grip ring to chest hold 10-15s
Bottom of the dip hold 15s (rings/box/bottom push up)
10 horizontal as possible ring rows 
10 mins:
B. Single arm hangs 
5 sets of 5-10s band per arm 
Start with normal ACTIVE hang, slowly engage and transition to one arm, if you are engaging you shouldn’t swing around! 
Use spotter shoulder for some assistance.
C. 12 min
Box circle walks. 
As stacked shoulders as possible, keep stacked and open shoulders throughout circle.
Accumulate 5 full rotations right and left 
To increase difficulty lift one leg up 

Monday 21st & Thursday 24th Jan

January 20, 2019


A. 5 x 5 strict pull up - last rep hold the chin over the bar for 10s 
*rx + - false grip ring pull ups 
Rx - pull ups 
Scale - 3 Assisted pull ups (spot each other) + 5s chin over bar hold + negative 
(15 mins) 
B. David Durante core challenge:
5 sets: 30s rest between sets
C. Gymnastics wod - for
Quality not speed.
10 perfect kip swings 
2 lengths bear crawl 
10 candle stick to to pistol 

Monday & Thursday

January 13, 2019


Weighed pull ups & strict hspu
10 x 3 pull ups + 3 strict hspu, 60s rest
scales: pull ups
assisted (spotters no bands) 
Controlled negative 
Horizontal ring row 
Add deficit is easy, 
Box hspu with good form
Ring push ups 
Full push ups 
10 strict ttb + 10 kipping ttb + 10s basket hang 
(Adjust reps as needed, use knee raise for scale) 
1set every 2.5 mins x4
C. Conditioning 
1 length bear crawl 
60s long arm plank hold
1 length bear crawl 
60s hollow b

Monday & Thursday

January 6, 2019


Death by strict pull ups - 15 mins
Emom 1 strict pull up, each minute add 1 rep, 
Scales: moderate band, ring rows 
Once you fail, take 1 minute full rest, and drop down to 3-5 reps emom until the end of the 15. 
B. Superset
5-10 box dips 
5-8 strict ttb 
90s rest 4 sets 
2 negatives + 5super strict push ups 
Knees to chest/high as possible 
C. Static hold conditioning 
30s hollow body hold
30s reverse plank hold
30s ring support hold (or box support hold) 
15s bottom of the dip hold 

Thursday 3rd jan

January 3, 2019


3 x wall walk + 30s hold - perfect form! 
10 kick ups either in the centre or to the wall on your BAD LEG - not looking for holding or walking just try hit position and down 
Wall pull backs - aiming to hit position
Wall leg changes - passing through balance 
3 x 30-40s assisted holds ideally in the centre or to the wall then pull away 
Accumulate 10 slow Controlled skin the cats 
Practise inverting on lower rings 
*rx skin the cat, arms should be straight the whole time!!!*
60s hollow 
30s fis

Monday & Thursday

December 17, 2018


Rig complex: all
Moves are strict
1  pull up 
1 ttb 
1 pull up 
1 ttb right 
1 pull up 
1 ttb left
1 pull up 
1 knees to elbow 
Scale: either 4 assisted pull ups (preferably by a human not band)/ 3 negatives 
Straight into 
1 ttb high as poss + knees to right elbow + knees to left elbow + 1 knee raise 
90s rest 
5 sets 
B. Little bit of pistol practise/drills 5 mins of drills/practise then 4mins to accumulate as many good quality reps at what ever scale suits.
3 rounds for qu

Thursday13th gymnastics

December 13, 2018

A. Kipping proficiency:

1 kip ttb + 1 kip pull up + 2ttb + 3pu etc etc as far as you can go 
Once you hit your max effort, rest 
Then 4 more sets at 40% effort 
B. Handstand work - active shoulders peeep
Technique and position warm up
1. 4 x 30-40s assisted holds 
2. 3 x 3 rower slides 
C. Conditioning 
60s hollow hold 
1 length bunny hops 
1 length hsw/ shoulder tap/box shoulder taps/plank shoulder taps 
4 rounds for quality - 10 mins don’t rush, I’d rather you hit 3 rounds than rush through 

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