Weekly Gymnastics

Thursday 3rd

May 2, 2018


Kipping ttb 

3x10 v sits warm up - focus on fast snap into position 

kip swing at 

Kip swings with emphasised lat press down 

some ttb practise - focus on the heel drive back into the arch swing to keep cadence 

8 min emom of a rep scheme challenging with with a focus on form. - no double swings don’t go to full range of motion if you can’t keep the swing rhythm 


b. Strict wall facing hspu. 

this should eliminate arching!

accumulate 30 -50 reps focus on  form than bashing them out. 

10min cap

C. Conditioning 

30s ring support hold 

30s ring plank hold 

30s ring push ups 

60s rest 


D. If time 

3x 69s holl

Monday 30th Gymnastics

April 30, 2018

a. Pistol warm up/drills/scales

8 rounds for quality:

10 pistols 

5 weighted pull up 

5 weighted ring dips/box dips

(sub for 3-5 strict muscle up for those with)


5 strict TTB + 5 kipping TTB + 5 V ups 

every 90s for 6 sets 


Paralette L- sit / tuck hold

20s hold - 40s rest x 8 


60s active hang

60s superman hold 

60s bear crawl

60s rest 




Monday 23rd April & Thursday 26th April

April 22, 2018



spend 5 mins working mu technique 

complex perform 1 complex ever 2 mins for 5 rounds 

1 strict Mu + 5 ring dips + 10s hold bottom of the dip on last rep + controlled negative + 15s lsit hold


  • assisted strict mu, jumping, no bands.
  • scale to kneeling strict mu and then complete the L sit on the rig.


3 x 10s rings to chest hold 

3 x 30s ring support hold 



30s wall walk hold - form over time 

straight into 1 full circle box circle walk / 1 length hs walk (only do handstand walk if you can complete the gym length in 3 attempts max)


6 sets - each round alternate direction you hs

Monday 16th – 22nd April

April 15, 2018

Monday 16th:



every 2.30 mins for 15 mins:

10sec chin over the bar hold 

lower under control

+ 3-10 strict pull ups

add weight if possible/ scale to ring rows 

accessory: 3 x 5 per arm, 60s rest, single arm DB row - go heavy as possible where 5th rep is failure



60s hollow body hold 

5 strict hspu + 30s hs hold against wall

scale to box Hspu

60s rest 

x 4

c. conditioning 

12 perfect kip swings with something between feet 

15s basket hold 

15s swimming legs 

60s rest 

5 sets 


d. if time 

3x 15 seated pike leg lifts 

partner shoulder s

Monday 9th April & Thursday 12th April

April 9, 2018

Monday 9th:


8 mins to find 5 Rm box dip - or hardest dip scale for 5

8 mins to find 5rm strict pull ups or hardest scale 


  1. 5 strict pull ups at body weight
  2. 5 box dips at body weight 


b. handstand complex:

5-10 push ups + wall walk + 10 shoulder taps/hand releases + 20s hold + walk down + 5-10 push ups 

2 min rest 5 sets 


c. conditioning 

15s paralette L sit

15s rest 

30s hollow hold 

30s rest 

60s active hang 

60s rest 



d. if time 

in 5 mins 

accumulate as many strict TTB as possilble - good form over more reps 


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