Weekly Gymnastics

Monday 18th – 24th

June 18, 2018


In warm up include some kip swings with sponge/tshirt between feet 
Pull up superset:
5 - 10 strict pull ups 
Straight into max effort ring rows (at height you can get at least 10 but still challenging) 
90s mins rest 
5 sets 
Push super lset:
5-10 string ring dips/box dips 
Straight into max effort push ups 
90s mins rest 
5 sets 
30s on 30s rest x 5
Single leg v up 
Single leg v up 
V up 
Straddle up 

Wb – Monday 11th

June 10, 2018


Emom 20:
1. 5 strict pull ups (weighted)
2. 5 ring/box dips (weighted)
3. 5-10 strict ttb
4. 5-10 strict hspu 
you may drop a
Rep or so by the end of the emom - try challenge yourself 
20s paralette L sit hold/tuck hold - use boxes is no paralettes 
Max effort dB stoh z press
60s rest 
X 5rounds 
10 crunches
10 v-ups
20s hollow hold 
10 hollow rocks 
60s rest x5 
A. Ring muscle ups 
3 x 10s false grip hang<

Thursday 7th

June 7, 2018

Lat strength:

ttb - looking for as much compression as possible 

single arm ttb with assist


front lever



1 length handstand walk or scale

5 strict hspu (more is needed)

into max kipping hspu/box hspu

90s rest 4 sets



12 Plyo push ups 

10 candle sticks to pistol 

30s hollow




Monday 4th

June 4, 2018


Build to heaviest weighted strict muscle up/pull up 

then 8 min emom

3 reps at body weight of mu/pull up


Max effort ring dips straight into 

max effort push ups straight into 

max effort forearm plank hold 

2 mins rest 4 sets 


c. Conditioning 

10-15 perfect kip swings (lat engagement and press down, feet together, squeeze butt etc) 

5 strict ttb 

20s l hand/basket hang - try stay on bar for all these

30s hollow hold 

60s rest 



d. If time 

100 seated pike leg lifts



Thursday 31st

May 31, 2018

Thursday 31st:

a.  Bar muscle drills 

20 mins - quality movements!!!


emom 5: strict c2b / 3-5 c2b

reverse tabata chin over bar hold



Handstand hold

warm Up and drills then 

60s spotted handstand hold

60s rest x 4 

if form really drops decrease time 


c. Conditioning

60s active hang on bar 

60s perfect push ups 

60s hollow hold 

60s rest 



d. If time 

bridge stretches 

Monday 21st & Thursday 28th

May 20, 2018


5 strict ttb + 5 kipping ttb + 5 lying ttb + 20s hollow hold 
90s rest 
6 sets - add/take away reps as needed. If ttb are super easy for you - try it with a 3kg wall
8 mins to find 
3rm box dip
10min EMOM 
5 reps body weight, or 30-40% of 3rm
Conditioning 10 min amrap
1 legless rope climb 
30-60s ring plank hold into max effort ring push ups 
12 pistols 
Quality over rounds peeps 
D. If time partner shoulder/upper back stretches 

Monday 14- Sunday 20th

May 14, 2018

Monday 14th:

super set: 

5 strict ring pull ups - false grip if possible 

5 strict ring dips 

5 push ups Russian dips 

90s rest  - 5 sets 

adjust weights accordingly, add weight if needed 



Every 90s:

10s active hang+ 5 strict ttb + 5-10 kipping ttb 

X 6 


accesory: accumulate 10 dragon flag lift and lowers - keep the shape tight!!! 


C. Conditioning 

60 seconds hollow hold 

60s bear crawl 

60s pvc pass through v ups 

x 9 mins 


d. If time 

partner straddle stretch 



a. Kipping pull up/butterfly pull ups drills, 10/12 mins 

Thursday 10th gymnastics

May 10, 2018

A. Warm 

Kipping shapes 

kip swing 



1 Strict ring mu + 2-5 kipping mu every 2mins x 5

those without will work muscle up negatives 

and transition drills 


c. Conditioning 

max effort long arm rope hang (r hand on top)

straight into 15 v ups

striaght into 20 hollow rocks 

x 4 


d. If time

accumulate 3 mins in a perfect wall walk hold 

Thursday 3rd

May 2, 2018


Kipping ttb 

3x10 v sits warm up - focus on fast snap into position 

kip swing at 

Kip swings with emphasised lat press down 

some ttb practise - focus on the heel drive back into the arch swing to keep cadence 

8 min emom of a rep scheme challenging with with a focus on form. - no double swings don’t go to full range of motion if you can’t keep the swing rhythm 


b. Strict wall facing hspu. 

this should eliminate arching!

accumulate 30 -50 reps focus on  form than bashing them out. 

10min cap

C. Conditioning 

30s ring support hold 

30s ring plank hold 

30s ring push ups 

60s rest 


D. If time 

3x 69s holl

Monday 30th Gymnastics

April 30, 2018

a. Pistol warm up/drills/scales

8 rounds for quality:

10 pistols 

5 weighted pull up 

5 weighted ring dips/box dips

(sub for 3-5 strict muscle up for those with)


5 strict TTB + 5 kipping TTB + 5 V ups 

every 90s for 6 sets 


Paralette L- sit / tuck hold

20s hold - 40s rest x 8 


60s active hang

60s superman hold 

60s bear crawl

60s rest 




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