FBB March

FBB March

  March 1, 2019

1st session: upper body volume


warm-up: bands, rotator cuff focus


movement: standing torso rotations & leans


gvt style:

10 db floor press

10 plate flies

60 sec. rest




5 min. KB snatch test

rest 3 minutes

2 x tabata, rest 2 minutes between:

hangs & l-hangs


end range lats & pec iso stretches



2nd session: rotational focus


warm-up: chinese ball


movement: full lunge matrix


4 rounds not fot time:

20 single arm oh lunges

6 crossbody knees-to-chest

200m run



200 russian twists (add object if possible)*


*every 50 reps do:

10 single arm ring rows w/twist (per arm)

10 single arm jefferson curls (per arm)

time cap: non existent 



3rd session: lower body volume


warm-up: running game, 8 min emom: skips, wall-sit


movement: 90/90’s


volume build-up:

400 m walking lunges (8 x 50m)*

*if you break the set, go for 200m run

time cap: 15 minutes



5 single leg cone touches (per leg, use pvc if lack of tension)

10 floor windshield wipers

15 single leg glute bridges (per leg)


not for time:

crawl home



4th session: bodyweight strength



partner wb’s rolls & throws




4 rounds:

10 end range box arm raises (per arm)

10 wb pass-troughs

10 bike/ski cals


movement: down-dogs, hindu press-ups, back extension iso leans



6-8 pull-ups/box pull-ups

6 feet elevated paralette cross arm push-ups (per arm)

90 sec. rest




l-sit/hang while partner does burpees*

*accumulate 100

time cap: 10 minutes



5th session: fitness application 


warm-up: wb volleyball


movement: 90/90’s




800m parter run w/wb,

200m parner carry,

200m odd object carry,

200/150 cal row,

5/4 ton deadlifts (cumulative)

100m handstand/wheelbarrow walk (each)














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